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Life happens so fast that sometimes you can’t help but wonder where all the time flew to and where your energy escaped to. If there’s anything worth doing, do it now whilst you have the sanity and strength to carry it out. Here in this post, I share from Uncle Ebo Whyte, 10 things you’ll regret at age 60. Visit roverman productions website to learn more about him. It’s a mixture of some of his directs words on his program on Joy Fm’s Food for Thought where he speaks every Monday and Thursday around 7:45 am. I have added to his words my personal understanding of and insight into what he shared.

  1. Not making the most of time:  Time is the raw material of life, when you waste time, you’re wasting your life.There’s the need to live life with a sense of urgency, knowing that time is running ahead each day and it never stops to take a break, neither does it retract to cause any changes to the events that have already passed through its hands. As a young person, it’s important to make time management a personal goal or mission. Don’t just learn to manage your time at work, learn to manage your life ‘time’ and you’ll realize that every other thing fits in perfectly. You don’t want to wait till you’re 60 or weak and feeble before you wish you had taken certain chances and chased certain opportunities. Don’t accept the friend request of ‘had I known?’ 
  2. Not saving or investing enough: It is easy to get into the habit of living from hand to mouth and not putting aside anything for the rainy day. A wise man is the one who knows that life is full of seasons and the sun doesn’t always shine. Once you’re aware that there are rainy days, you don’t need a rocket scientist to launch a rocket to show you the need for saving and preparing for that rainy day. Don’t use the size of your earnings as an excuse to avoid saving. Once you learn the discipline of saving whilst you have next to nothing, that discipline built over time would make it easier for you to save when you’re earning so much more. Take time to learn and adapt a lifestyle that includes saving, whether it would mean cutting down on your expenses or making adjustments, do it and suffer now to enjoy in the future. It is true that the future can take care of itself, but life isn’t about being selfish, your investments now, could save a family member or friend in the future. Don’t wait till you’re 60 to live a miserable life devoid of any dignity. Start small, Start now!!!
  3. Not spending much time with your family: When you’re young, there’s the tendency to relegate your family to the background in the pursuit of career and climbing the corporate ladder.  Life isn’t always about money and chasing it. When you don’t make time for your family, your family learns to live their life without you, and at age 60 when you have achieved a name for yourself and become wealthy and successful, you end up being lonely or alone. At age 60, when you have all the time to spend with your family, they can’t spend time with you cause they don’t know how to fit you into their schedule, since you also didn’t fit them into yours. I always maintain that, there’s no need chasing money and success to the top at the expense of your family and loved ones. When you make it to the top, when you get to the pinnacle and realize you left them at the base, who do you now celebrate with? Make time for your family and friends whilst you can. Don’t expend all your energy on the outside world and leave your family to do with the tired, demoralized you. Give them also some quality time, take time off if necessary to catch up with your spouse, children, parents etc. Make family an important part of your life, cause they are the ones most likely to be there when all else fails.
  4. Not reading enough:  When you’re younger, you’re so busy running around that you forget to read any good book. The emphasis on reading isn’t just to rid you of self guilt but to show you a better way of life. You would not get the chance to live in all parts of the world or experience everything the world and life  has to offer. A smart person is one who learns from other’s experiences, not one who falls into the same pits others have fallen into and pointed out. You can’t possibly know everything in this world, hence the need to supplement what you know with other people’s knowledge which they have made the time to record in books. Read books about your personal growth, career development, beliefs, new ways of doings things and novels to stimulate your curiosity etc. etc.
  5. Not controlling your sexual urges: It’s easy for a young person to allow himself to be controlled by sexual urges instead of controlling those urges. Many young people have jeopardized their future by following their sexual urges. They become like animals who always want to satisfy their urges anywhere and anyhow.  Proverbs 25:8 states that “a person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.” There’s no need to rush life, wait for the right time, control yourself. In your 60s, you will look back at your life with regrets wishing you didn’t have children spread all over and many women claiming to be your wives. You would regret catching and living with a deadly disease due to your sexual indiscretion. There’s nothing good that comes out of toeing the line of uncontrolled sexual urges and desires, they only result in multiple heartbreaks and lifetime regrets. Try as much as possible to control yourself. Self control wouldn’t kill you, it will only heal you.

I will pause here for today and continue another time with the next 5. I wouldn’t want to bore you with a lengthy post. You can find more articles on Food for Thought by Uncle Ebo by visiting the Roverman Productions blog here. Stay tuned for the Part 2 of “10 things you’ll regret at age 60”.

Has this post taught you anything new? Is there something you’re doing now that might cause you to have these regrets in the near future? Share them with me through the comments. It’s great to hear from you.

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  1. *Not controlling your sexual urges*
    Sexual urges don’t always results in having kids all over, it has it pros as well.

    I agree 100% on Starting small by saving Yesterday 😁😁😁

  2. This post came to me at a very emotional point in my day before the 14th day of my late husband passing 14 years ago. Of course at the mere age of 55 my memory is grasping for the first paragraph which I read with great curiosity. So , here goes….. joy! As child we experience delight and joy and wonder. As teenagers we still have those dreams…so at 55 reading your article brought back the need to feel joy , or remember the feeling of joy… so I hope that is one of your paragraphs… great read !

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