10 things you'll regret at age 60 – II


As I promised, the second part of the post is here now. I hope the first one was helpful and you learned something from it. If you haven’t read the part one yet, find it here.

  1. Caring too much about what people think about you: When you’re young, it’s easy to focus all your energy and mental agility on pleasing people because you want them to see you in a particular light. People will not always be truthful to you and they wouldn’t be very objective in the way they see you. The way every individual sees things is subject to their personal prejudices, perceptions and experiences. Unfortunately, it’s not your fault that they think the way they do, hence it’s not up to you to make them see things differently. What you should focus on, is being who you were born to be. Your concern should be discovering your purpose and the potential in you and living them out. Don’t fret and worry your head silly about what people think about you. Sometimes, they might be right, but most times they are very wrong. Most people will try to impose their beliefs and ideologies on you, just so you will become like them. No matter what, stay true to yourself and don’t get swayed to waste precious time and money building a personality and name that is definitely not you. Remember that who you truly are is the person that shows up when there’s no one else to impress. Don’t waste your time pleasing people who don’t care about you. The truth is that those who truly care about you, appreciate you the way you are.

  2. Not taking better care of your body and of your health: The body you have today is the body that is going to stay with you till the end of your stay on this earth. When you’re young, your body has the capacity to stand the abuse and stress, but have you thought of what the effect of that will be when you’re no longer as active as you used to be?  There’s a lot of emphasis on eating healthy, exercising and resting because it is very necessary. In as much as it keeps you healthy now, it also has the potential of keeping your body in good shape for the days ahead. Take good care of your body today and it’ll take care of you in your old age. The secret to having a healthy body is discipline. Develop a routine or regimen to help you stay in good shape. Eat on time and eat well. My dad is in his 60s but carries himself around like a young man, and it’s no surprise cause I remember him going for jogging, walks and bicycle riding when I was young. Your body will thank you for taking care of it and it will in turn take care of you. This link might be of help in developing a fitness regimen: Fitness

8.Not investing in others: In life, you reap what you sow. Someday, you’ll become dependent on people. When that day comes, you can only count on the people in whose lives you’ve invested. Money is good and answers almost all questions in life, but it can’t buy genuine affection and support. In your 20’s and 30’s, invest your time and money in others. Mentor young people in your community, give money to support a good cause, aid a needy child go through school etc. Don’t live a selfish self-centered life. Every good turn deserves another, whether you benefit directly from your investments or not, there’s a likelihood that generations after you might even end up benefitting from that one tree you planted by investing in someone other than yourself.

9. Not persevering enough: In hindsight, you would realize the number of things that you might have achieved had you persevered just a little longer. Life is such that, it only surrenders to those who don’t give up. Tough times would come in the pursuance of your dreams, life partner, business idea, etc. but you would need to tough it out and be able to persevere until that which you are after is yours.  Nothing good comes on a cheap platter. Children stay in wombs for 9 months, imagine if your mom had decided to give up on you just in the heat of “pushing” you out. You wouldn’t have existed today and the world would have lost an essential part of its development. Train yourself to remain diligent and stay focused even in the face of disaster and discouragement. Let nothing rock you out of your boat, let your dreams be the sail that keeps your boat afloat even in the toughest of storms.

  1. Not living your passion: This is my personal favourite, I am a testimony of how purpose trumps any amount of money. Make time for what you love and you’d have yourself to thank in the future. Many young people forsake their passion and go chasing money. Surely pursue money, but not at the expense of your passion. Your passion is related to your purpose, and no amount of money can give you the fulfillment that comes from pursuing and living your purpose. Even without money, living your purpose gives you enough reason to smile each and everyday in your old age. Purpose influences lives, and positively influenced lives make the world a better place to live in. Don’t allow the love of money drive you to neglect your purpose/passion. Give your full attention to fulfilling your purpose and you’d realize that people will be willing to pay you for your purpose/passion. Become a person of value by chasing and living your passion/purpose, the world would pay for your value. Be a Value Added Person instead of a Money Hungry Person.

This brings us to the end of the 10 things  you’ll likely regret at age 60. I hope you’ve picked some nuggets to keep in your pouch for living life today, so as not to regret certain things tomorrow.

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  1. Love all the three D’s – Train yourself to remain diligent and stay focused even in the face of disaster and discouragement.

    Invest in other is another good takeaway! Loved reading it! Thank you for sharing your life time experience.

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