21st Century Christianity – The Realities of Living

21st Century Christianity is a very different ball game altogether. The word Christian is one I find difficult associating with lately. And it’s not that perhaps I’m doubting my faith or anything like that. But it’s just become like a word that can be paired up with what you feel and want to be associated with. Like I’m a Christian but a homosexual, or Christian but thief, murderer, transgender, etc.

Of course I don’t hate any of these people. But I’ll rather perhaps call myself a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. One who recognises that I have a lot of work to be done on and in me to grow into the mature stature of Christ. Okay, I digress, let me talk about what this post really is.

Just on Sunday evening, I was brooding about whether it makes sense to enter marriage just because I want sex with a guy. You know, using that as the entry point and figuring out everything else later. I decided to attend the Family Renaissance International meeting on Monday evening to get an answer to my brooding.

As if God knew the session held my answer, the topic Mama Cathy spoke on was Sex and Sexual Orientations. To be honest, I was shook. Like really really shook. Listening to God’s ( the one I call father and have chosen to believe in) perspective as against the world’s definitions, systems and policies they’ve passed on this issue got me shaking my head and clutching my arms in mock cold. Literally shaking from the realisation of all I was hearing and learning and not aware of.

People of God, when the Bible iterated that “for lack of knowledge my people perish” – [Hosea 4:6], it definitely was no joke. God knew what He was speaking about. And when he said “the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence taketh it by force” – [Matt 11:12], He was super serious. The rules that are being put in place, the consultations going on around the world are very anti Christ.

Perhaps most of us are waiting for that decorated one man who will openly disrespect God and what He stands for. But I tell you, we’re already living in those days. We’re living in anti pro-life days. Where everything possible is being done to legalise all the things God commands against.

Rules are being enacted to legalize fornication, adultery, sodomy, abortion, all the ills you can think of. And a lot of us “Christians” are blind to these things because we are only seeking heaven, mansions, long life, health, social status and what have you. We’ve forgotten that the foundation we give to the next generation determines whether we leave a godly seed or not. We’re busy living today and have forgotten the future we’re drafting for generations unborn.

So many things came to me whilst listening to the teaching and I’m gonna share them in four points. If you’re a 21st century Christian, you need to note these:

Know God and please Him for yourself

There is so much a lack of information in today’s 21st Century Christianity. Everybody has something to say today about the God you worship except you.You rest on every single word spoken by another person. Your prayers and bible study are at their command, you initiate nothing yourself. I believe you aren’t the kind of person who will ask your friend to hang out with a guy/gal you like on your behalf because you’re shy or stuff right? So how could you let the most important relationship of your life be dictated by someone’s dos and don’ts?

The Bible exposes, explains and shows God all through. From Genesis to Revelations, there’s so much to learn about Him. All it takes is dedicating time to study the word, check references, check historical records, etc and know for yourself what you’re believing. Because if you fail to do that, if you fail to know God for yourself, you’ll be unable to stand for Him. Any wind of doctrine will blow you away.

And trust me, there are so many winds of doctrines blowing these days. You don’t want to be one paperweight that gets blown to and fro. Solidify your stance in God. That’s the only way you’ll know the hard truth. It’s the only way you’ll accept the hard truth and be willing to please God and die for Him if need be. Because you have known the God you’ve trusted. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego could have never done the fire if they didn’t know whose they were. Neither will Daniel and all the apostles of the New Testament. A word to the wise, is definitely enough!

Be very knowledgeable in what your Kingdom’s (Heaven) views are on every issue

Kingdom or government ambassadors are known to preach the policies of their countries and advocate on the behalf of the president or King who has sent them. Christians aren’t mere humans walking about. We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. And as ambassadors we have the prerogative to aptly and consistently at all times defend our Kingdom and it’s policies over the policies of the Kingdom we live in( the world).

The policies of God concerning marriage, education, family, wealth, career, priorities, etc are all in the Bible. We need to study it and find all these policies and defend them with our lives. It’s great to be open-minded, but what do you gain if your open-mindedness leads you to commit an act of treason? It’s easy to tolerate all views except the one that truly matters to you. The fact that lots of people are fighting your Kingdom’s view don’t make it wrong. It only means not everyone can live in your Kingdom.

Because in a kingdom, the King’s words are what matters. Not what you think or don’t think! Let’s never forget that ambassadors are learned and loyal people. Dare not forget to always be alert because the enemy is always roaming seeking whom he may devour. Stand watch and stay alert! Study the word and become a servant leader who rightly divides the word of truth.

21st Century Christianity needs people who rise up and grow into their leadership mandate

Some Christians think we aren’t supposed to be in leadership and “politics” and all that. Even I used to think that way. I was of the view that ‘avoid those who make the evil decrees and enforce it’. But if there’s no one to tell them what the right way is, how will they know?

The 21st century Christian has is bogged down by seeking personal pleasure over God. We’ve been reduced to people who seek things, allowing all others to just go past us. The ones who will complain about every policy but will do little or nothing to take a stance and defend it. It’s become much easier for us to say ‘yes sah’ instead of pushing our Kingdom’s policy. Rules are getting passed for education, lifestyle, etc in the UN and by other international bodies that are legalising all the things that literally destroy families, but we’re unaware because we’re underrepresented.

A candle that is lit isn’t put under a bushel, it’s put on the window, so it lights the room. Salt that loses its taste is useless. Let’s not become Christians who associate with the term but don’t carry out the lifestyle. It shouldn’t be said of us that ‘ a generation arose that didn’t know God’.

For those of you who’ve got scholarships to study governance, diplomatic relations, justice, international relations, etc. Don’t forget that you have a higher purpose and Kingdom to defend. Let all your sweat be to defend your Kingdom and uphold its statutes. And the rest of us: in our workplaces, schools, communities, etc may Christ be experienced, defended and seen through our daily lifestyle and choices.

The next generation should be your concern

My personal story of becoming a convert has roots deeply embedded in godly upbringing. I eventually had to decide for myself to choose Christ, follow Him and mature in Him. But my parents and family played their role in creating the environment for me to see God first hand for myself. The next generation need us to know God and be able to teach Him to them. They are in grave danger of learning all the wrong things and growing up in a generation where all the things God detests are the new cool.

From lying, to stealing, to hatred, murder, idolatry, homosexuality, adultery, just name it. Their syllabi and curriculum are teaching strange things about the human body, sexuality and the like. If we fail to build the right foundation of God for them, we risk becoming the generation that failed God. Even today, there are perverse things we’ve been made to think are normal and a part of life-like masturbation, pornography, lying, etc. We easily fall into temptations and situations we know don’t please God, but we’re too focused on our own pleasure than on pleasing God.

I was very shocked when I read 2 Tim 3: 1-5 and realized that I was guilty of almost everything in there. Albeit feeling that they were the right things to do. I work hard to get money at the expense of showing love to family, friends, neighbours and even the colleagues in the same workplace. Look, these things aren’t a joke, we may acknowledge God and godliness but be deeply rooted in pleasing ourselves. The earlier we recognize it and step out, the better for us and the generation that follows.

“Don’t be naive. There are difficult times ahead. As the end approaches, people are going to be self-absorbed, money-hungry, self-promoting, stuck-up, profane, contemptuous of parents, crude, coarse, dog-eat-dog, unbending, slanderers, impulsively wild, savage, cynical, treacherous, ruthless, bloated windbags, addicted to lust, and allergic to God. They’ll make a show of religion, but behind the scenes they’re animals. Stay clear of these people.” – ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭3:1-5‬ ‭MSG‬‬



There’s no need to be afraid of teaching God’s word, carefully picking schools for our children, siblings, living the example we want our children to copy et al. The time to start caring for and building the next generation was yesterday, the next suitable time is now. Don’t ignore them because you think they are “stuck up” and technology babies and all the other excuses. Monitor their dealings online, learn to use the tech too, so you can guide them. Be open and build a relationship with them so they can trust you and the information you give. The next generation is your duty as well as it’s mine, don’t relent in adding your voice and self to the fight to get them for Jesus.

I’ve shared a lot and very passionately in the many paragraphs above. If there’s nothing that has stood out to you at all, I do hope the urgency of the situation hits you. I do hope that you decide to intercede for your own generation and your children’s. Hope you become a proper citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven who knows his rights, policies and defends them as an ambassador worthy of his call.

We all need to be passionate about the ministry of the family and its importance for God’s work on earth. God bless and strengthen you if you’re already pushing the agenda. For you who isn’t sure too, may He clarify issues for you today.


This post does not by any means mean I hate some people or I’m against anything non-Christian. I love all people as I’ve been mandated by God. And this message as the title suggests is for 21st Century Christianity and Christians.

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5 Comments on “21st Century Christianity – The Realities of Living”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It really blessed and refreshed my soul. Very well said/put and hit of the nail directly on the issue. I am so glad I read it before starting to write what I want to write about right now. God bless you very much for this revelational message 🙂

  2. This has been a “strong” wake-up call for me. As rightly foretold in 2 Tim 3: 1-5 ;
    It’s easy to be side-tracked by the busyness and pressures life hits us with in our age today that we forget, that we are representatives of a Kingdom, an Eternal one at that. And as such we have a Call, that comes before any other thing, to please the Creator who made us by doing His Will before anything else!
    Thank you, for such a passionate piece and clarion call! I HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY READING this.

    1. I’m grateful the exact feeling and urgency with which I wrote this has been duly communicated. Thanks a lot for making time to read it. God strengthen you even as you heed the clarion call after this reminder. Stay blessed!

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