Let there be light and there was light

My pain was supposed to take flight,

The darkness was supposed to turn bright,

The time was supposed to be right, for everything to be alright,

Alas, it’s not automatic, who will save me from this sorrowful plight?

My fate was tied to my faith, my faith was to keep me from being late;

Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and iniquity you shall hate;

Yet I chose to entertain iniquity, it became the food I ate;

Goodness and mercy shall follow me, but depression and misery filled my plate;

Alas, nothing comes automatic, how will I get through this gate?

Like an eagle, I was supposed to soar: high above all worldly limitations;

Breaking barriers of lies and blazing new trails of hope and love –which conquers all,

Like a lion, I was supposed to roar: boldly and loudly enough to scare off all principalities and powers,

Cause my Jesus already made a public display of them and dismantled their kingdom,

But alas, nothing comes automatic: I had to put my knowledge to application.

Automatic or strategic?  Planned or surprise?

Robotic or manual? 

Controlled or free range?

The choice remains yours to make,

Alas, nothing comes automatic: life becomes what you make it…

Inspired by  daily prompt: AUTOMATIC

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    When we say ‘Jesus, take the wheel’; we forget our foot is still on the pedal. Are you going to hit brakes and stand still with the world, or are you going to cautiously manoeuvre through the life’s road blocks and continue to walk with Christ. MimisPassion says it all.

  2. Like an eagle you’re supposed to soar but the choice is yours. it’s wonderful, thank you for sharing. And I’m back in WordPress to read amazing posts like this

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