A thousand steps

A journey of a thousand miles begin with one.

Life is a journey;

Purpose is a journey;

Fulfilling dreams and visions is a journey;

Fortunately or unfortunately these journeys are not on smooth courses,

sometimes the road is straight,

at other times it meanders so many times,

it’s a surprise you haven’t become twisted from following it.

Yet for every individual who seeks to be fulfilled and impact lives,

there’s the need for perseverance in this overall journey of life,

packing your bag with determination, commitment and hardwork.

Making sure you have spare of everything packed in the bag;

patience, kindness, gentleness, love, should be in abundance.

You can’t complete the whole journey in one day or one year,

It’s continuous, it’s growth, it’s falling and picking yourself up,

it’s dreaming as many times as possible,

because some dreams may get crushed, others may look bleak.

But never stop dreaming, don’t face this journey with gloom, it’ll just multiply in your face.

Learn to take one little step at a time,

it may look little now but keep the end in mind,

knowing you’ll get to the end, no matter what.

Even the snail and tortoise made it to Noah’s ark, how much more you?

You’ll surely get to the end of the journey and I hope you’ll find it worth your while….

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