Heart thudding loudly,
Veins and arteries bulging as though they were turbines in a dam,
Ears puffing out smoke like an animation character,
Face red, eyes bloodshot, and lips pouted like a pig’s snort,
Feet and arms visibly shaking,
Everything inside screaming loudly: I AM ANGRY


Being calm when you have every reason to blow up, is feat achieved by only few. Most people love to vent their anger, even at the littlest of issues. On a large scale, being and staying angry is just a function of pride and egotism. We just can’t believe we’ve been downtrodden by someone who on a normal day won’t even have the privilege of meeting us, talk less of treating us badly. Anger actually serves no good at all, and a whole lot of people usually regret their actions once they gain their cool.


Anger can cause real damage, be it physical, emotional or psychological. Relationships are broken because of too many anger outbursts, properties get destroyed and worse of all, people get physically hurt just because of a moment of hotheadedness.
Being angry, especially at people you love would more often than not leave you hurt. As you may say or do things you wish you never did. And if you happen not to get any help afterwards, you may never be able to forgive yourself for staying angry.


Don’t dwell too much on the “get angry but don’t stay angry ” philosophy, its great but why get yourself irked at all when you can afford to not be affected by it? The most important trick we all need to learn is to love beyond anger, we’re surely allowed to get angry, but reserve it for worthwhile things that have potential to bring out the best results in you and the people around you.

Mimispassion © 2016

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    Anger is actually a natural emotion that is sometimes simply a reaction to being hurt. I’ve learned that anger in itself isn’t the culprit, it is how one chooses to act while in that state that could have regretful consequences.

    Well, as with all things, balance is key, A gently-spoken rebuke can be more effective than one said in harsh tones. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this.

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