Each individual has been intrinsically designed by God for a reason
He made me special as well as you
This same God who was known to Abraham as a friend
Was known to Moses as the burning bush guy
God has a unique way of calling and dealing with each individual
Once you accept the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, you’ve  become an adopted legitimate  child
Joint heirs with Christ , God’s heir and His special child who He takes pride in


Why then allow humans to define your relationship with God?
Each child has his own special relationship with his dad
God is a super creative and inventive genius who knows the design of His children and relates to them that way
I dream dreams and hear God,you see open visions and hear God
The words in the bible jump at you and remain in your heart and that’s how you hear God
When friends,relatives or ministers of God speak,you hear God
What is the reason then ,for trying to fit into a box created for you by men


God didn’t create you to fit into boxes,much less those created by men’s knowledge
Look, God knows why He brought you through those issues to get you where He wants you
You just can’t despair cuz its different from what someone went through
The truth of the matter is that we’re all unique and that’s what God wants us to be
Communicate with God regularly ,let Him help you look inside and help you BE YOU
Daddy,mommy,siblings,roommates are not you
Friends ,lecturers,family,church members etc. aren’t and can’t be you
Discover who you truly are in Christ and allow that beauty to be seen

The world wants you to be successful
And yet want you to hide your source which is Christ, behind hard work and dedication
Don’t fit into their box of success which is about wealth and fame
True success is when you live your purpose
Don’t be scared to reveal the Christ in you in all you do
The only things that count is those done for eternity
Hiding Christ to gain human favors is the dumbest thing ever
If you know who you are then just be-you-tiful without fear or favor

God looks out for people who stand their grounds for Him
Who remain outstanding without trying to fit in
Who live to the fullest of their potential and make the world benefit from them
There’s nothing wrong with being be-you-tiful,it’s the only way that you express the uniqueness bequeathed to you
Choose to Be-You-Tiful and the world would be glad you did


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