Because I was too fast

Because I was too fast, life stopped for me;

Out of breath from running after me; trying to catch up,

With my numerous selfish desires and ideas,

We’d been running around in circles.

Because I was too fast, our friendship came to a standstill;

I had no time for it, too busy chasing my ideals,

The closeness gradually faded away, the gap filled with anxiety,

Our paths only crossed a few times.

Because I was too fast, life came to a standstill,

Family was a done deal, didn’t matter anymore,

Purpose was pushed aside in pursuit of fame and affluence,

Life’s radiance lost through defiance.

Because I was too fast, I had grip on nothing,

Everything slipped out of my hand, I was left alone,

With all the money and fame and affluence, yet no family or friends,

Life had ceased to be in existence for me, all I had was existence.

Because I was too fast,  I lost sight of the most important things,

My mind was a hub of vanity disguised as purpose,

I sought the things money could buy, oblivious of the things money stood no chance against,

They cried out, trying to make me see their significance,

but because I was too fast, I couldn’t slow down to enjoy life…


Mimispassion © 2016

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Because I couldn’t stop for death”

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