In the beginning…….
A lot of people are concerned about beginning 
Especially with the birth of a “new” year ,month or week
Plans and resolutions flood the mind and transcend to the sheets of papers
Yet most of these plans et all don’t have lasting capacity 
They never see the rise of the sun in their accomplishment

Beginnings are important but most often overrated 
In actual sense,the end of a thing is what matters
A great beginning is good and a plus 
Unfortunately just that isn’t enough to chalk a wonderful ending 
Don’t allow the grandeur and beauty of beginnings to fool you
Neither be discouraged by how a beginning is
Let beginnings teach you and motivate you into pressing on in spite of the difficulties ahead

The true winner is the one who runs the race to the end
Not the one who begins excellently 
Keep the beginning in mind, keep the end in sight
What is it you’re striving to achieve by beginning that business?
Let the big picture at the end guide you
Beginnings are just a peek into the big picture the end offers 
Don’t begin wonderfully and end woefully: put in your best to finish well
Bear in mind that not every great end is characterized by a great beginning ,the vice versa also being true


Adam began well,the CEO of the earth and creations company 
He was God’s associate and Chief Doer,representing God in the company
Before he knew it,he had lost everything to the cunning Lucifer 
It escaped him that beginning well wasn’t all that mattered 
Fortunately for him he ended up well cuz God restored his seed to their original authority 
So dear child of God out there,becoming born again is just the beginning 
Don’t relax just yet,work out to get to the end :the mature stature of Christ Jesus
Pray more,fellowship with God more if you want to grow to the stature of Christ

Mr entrepreneur, the big business idea doesn’t end there ; at an idea
Develop and nurture it to become what you wanna see
Discipline yourself : read that book, attend that seminar ,if you want that business to become the best
Listen to people and appreciate their contributions if you want their support
Beginnings are just what they are,beginnings 
The end is what really matters 
The end is what really proves the beginning ……..
Begin well but most importantly land gracefully …

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