Each morning, we all get a blank page,
Whatever we choose to draw, write, type, paint or color on it is our choice.
Each day we get a blank new sheet for a brand new day,
To make things better or worse.
You may have made a dreadful mistake yesterday,
But you’ve got another opportunity to launch out into the deep and make things right.
Probably you refused Christ yesterday, today is a blank new page for you to rewrite your eternity.


Blank mayn’t always signify an ending,
Sometimes its an opportunity to right the wrongs and make meaningful impact.
Pick yourself up and make proper use of your blank page,
Strive to attain the heights you were born to attain by starting with today.
Taking the right decision for the right future today.


Adorn your blank page with beauty instead o defected pictures or paintings.

Mimispassion © 2016

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