Boxes and People


Boxes and people;
They only relate well when gifts get wrapped;
They are at loggerheads when they get swapped;
People are bigger than the proverbial fox that’s too big for the box;
Boxes and people, how much should be risked?

Where do you come from?
Who are your parents?
What church do you attend?
Which movies do you watch?
What events do you attend?

Tell me please, oh tell me;
So I can place you in a box;
I want to be able to judge you;
Then I could decide to add you to my clique;
I want to avoid thinking: because it’s too much of a chore;

I beg, make you no bore;
It’s just that life is easier when you’re in a box;
I know what to expect and how to react;
I don’t need to stress to be proactive or intelligent;
All I need do is find the suitable box to fit you into;
Then I decide which part of my life you need to see;

So don’t blame me when I’m completely at sea;
Because you didn’t tick any of my boxes;
And your character is too weird to grasp;
I don’t understand why you so tightly to that belief clasp;
Maybe you have a reason for not giving everyone applause.

“But don’t you see the terrible trouble you cause?
Don’t you see that your bagging of people up is affecting your relationships with them?
You place the wet in the paper bag and when it’s ruined you complain?
You put the hot and fiery into the plastic bag and when it melts, you cry?
Isn’t that scar on your face and heart enough to remind you to stop boxing?
Do you enjoy wearing that white wig so much?

Judging everyone as such and such?
Using your limited understanding to compare and contrast?
You forget people are neither topics nor contests;
Each person is an accumulated mass of experiences and generational chromosomes;

Every individual is unique;
Their experiences peculiar;
Their mindsets different;
One may be akin to the other;
Diversity is what spices up life.


When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself. – Earl Nightingale Click To Tweet

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