What is your greatest fear???
Is it fear of losing total control of your life??
Fear of what people will say or are saying??
Fear of living your purpose and being who God wants you to be??
Or you fear living for God n such a fallen world??

Perhaps you’ve been a Christian for a while
Been trying to pursue a relationship with God but to no avail
Allow me offer you a new approach
Allow God to do the pursuing ,just be ready and open
Prepare your heart,mind and everything you
Brave out the fear of what people will say
Brave out the fear of being inadequate and not hearing God
After all you lose nothing when you let fear go

Do you fear being able to discern God’s voice?
Has it been a constant challenge?
Does it seem like a difficult task keeping your gifts active ?
Brave out the fear,brave out the doubt
God already said “you shall hear a voice in your ear saying ,this is the way….”
Take a leap of faith,drawn from the word of truth
Let go of your fear,brave out your doubt
After all you lose nothing when you let go of fear

Oh,your fear is living your purpose??
Afraid of doing your assignment on earth
Does it seem to overwhelm you?
Please don’t forget “fear not,for I am with you…”
Remember, He makes provision for His every vision
The purpose comes with the potential to fulfil it
Brave out the fear and let the doubt go
These two never bring any good
Only identity crisis and discouragement

God is ready to come to your aid
But you need to be willing to let fear go
Be willing to exchange your weaknesses for His strength
Say Hello to faith and trust in God
Allow faith to lead your dealings with God

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  1. been brave to speak out wat u love to do, earns a certain feedback from people around you. And if that thing is good in the sight of men and God, then u intend earn respect from people. great article well noted #keepitcoming

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