He was crouched silently by the fire, his little mind working out his plans and working up his courage. He had seen them do it on TV several times. He fixed his gaze intently on the flames licking the pot on the “gyapa” coalpot.
Mother had asked him to fan the fire, but he had more creative plans for the fire. He wanted to touch it, pick a burning coal and hold in his hands like he’d seen them do in the shows on TV. His little overactive mind forgot to remind him that those people were professional acrobats.
Looking around him to ensure no one was looking, he quietly raised the pot lopsidedly and picked the coal. He held it in his palms for less than a fraction of a minute before shrieking and jumping on one leg, holding his burning palm and crying. His mom run out to see what had happened, the coal had disintegrated his palm, he really had a nasty burn. His mom quickly got some cold water and put his tiny fingers into it and warned him to keep his hands in it as she went to the kitchen to fetch some salt which she applied on his blistered palm to soothe the pain and prevent the burns from forming huge blisters. “What were you thinking? ” she scolded him, “did you think it was one of your toys?  Is fire something to be playing with? I  just  can’t believe you”, she couldn’t seem to figure out why on earth, her son would choose to put himself in such danger.
I wanted to be like them, they do it on the TV“. She heard him say faintly, his voice betraying the disappointment he felt at his failure.


It’s been ten years since that incident happened, he was now in the senior high school, a senior in one of the prestigious boys’ schools in the country. Here he was, being persuaded to join the gang of “hard core” guys on campus. Every senior boy who wanted to be respected by his juniors and feared by his teachers did this. All he had to do was slash his wrist and apply some black substance into the cut. But he wasn’t supposed to show the pain. He took the knife and was about to slash his wrist, when he felt a sharp pain in his palms from holding the knife. He looked at his palm to discover what was wrong, and he saw the scars of that coal he had picked ten years ago.
Suddenly, he could clearly hear his mother’s advice after he told her how badly he wanted to be like the guys on TV .
“My son, you have been specially designed by God to be  a great man who would influence people. You don’t have to try to be like everyone you see on TV or for that matter anyone else. Be patient and you’ll discover what you’re good at and believe me, that day would be the best day of your life. Whatever happens, never seek to be like anyone because you’re special. I love you and always remember that God does more. Never forget, don’t try to be like anyone.
That was it, he dropped the knife only to hear the boys screaming at him, as they were scared he’d been possessed or something. He told them he was done being like others and walked away amidst their jeers. It didn’t matter if he didn’t gain the respect of the so called “hard core” guys or anyone else for that matter. He didn’t want to be like them anyways.
After all, his mom loved him, most importantly God did. He smiled at the thought of God loving him and saw a new life ahead of him. A life that celebrated his true self.
He turned at the mention of his name to see two of his other friends following after him. “We don’t want to be like others either, our whole lives have been shadows of people. We’re glad you had the courage to denounce this.”
The trio walked away laughing at their mistakes and talking of the new hope they had just found in being themselves.

Mimispassion © 2016
#DailyPost – Burn

This is my first shot at writing a short story. Lol. Let me know what you think of it, I could do with some recommendations too.

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