Because Daddies Aren’t Celebrated Enough and Mine is Awesome!

Dear Daddy,

I was listening to a podcast on Focus on the Family yesterday as people shared the stories of how their fathers had impacted them. It got me teary, and I had to visit the washroom to go cry.  Hearing their stories, made me realise that perhaps, I haven’t let you know how much you mean to me. You haven’t heard me say it in soo many words what you mean to me. Perhaps a few of my actions may have said it, but my mouth hasn’t confirmed it. So here’s me telling you how much you mean to me.

Daddy, did you know in Senior High School, I told the guys I didn’t need a boyfriend? I’m sure you will say to yourself, of course you were too young. But as you know, it wasn’t out of place to have a boyfriend in SHS. My reason for telling the guys off was you! Yes, you! I told them: “my daddy gives me everything I need, the only thing I will want that he can’t provide is sex. And I don’t need that right now, so no boyfriend until further notice”. It did shock them and some of them laughed over it. But eventually, it kept me out of boyfriend drama.

I’m not sure if you remember this. That first day you took to me Okuapemman Senior High School for my registration. We went to the notice board to check the admission list. My name was at the 75th position out of the 80 students admitted to study science.  Turning sadly, I said: “Daddy, see where my name is” and you said a simple sentence but one that definitely transformed my life. You said ” this is what you brought here, what you make out of it now depends on you”. Being your daughter and a child who lived for cause and effect, I took you at that word. At the end of that first term, I topped not just the two science classes, but the whole first year. All of this was because I had a father who believed in what I could be regardless of my present.

Mr Agbozo, you have taught me so much in this short life of mine. You have taught me the essence of a father’s validation in his daughter’s life. Contrary to how most young ladies feel, I have never longed for a man’s validation to the extent of being used by him. Because you gave me all the validation I needed. Always providing for me what I needed even when it was difficult sometimes. That validation alone is what has brought me this far. Knowing my earthly and Heavenly Father root for me has been the secret to my boldness and confidence.

All the times that I had to call you from work, seeking your guidance on one thing or the other. Either to create reports or draft strategies, you’ve never withheld teaching me. Infact, you shared your experiences and helped me connect it to my situation and succeed at my endeavours. You’re the daddy who looks out for me in all my employments. I remember your insistence on having documentation before working in someone’s office. Though I thought you were being difficult at the time, I saw the importance later on.

There’ve been lots  of favourite moments with you. Do you remember when you picked me up after I was done with my degree at KNUST? We had like a driving lesson the whole drive back to Somanya. You teaching me the signs on the road, and me reading the Highway Code and asking questions. Then we passed by Paradise resort to eat some banku and tilapia. That experience has been treasured in the treasure groves of my heart.

There were also the times when you dropped me off at the Koforidua station to get a bus to school. We had such a heartfelt father-daughter conversation. So much so that, when you drove off and I was waiting in the bus, I was crying. Not a lot of girls get to have their daddies this committed to them and I appreciate you so much for giving me a part of you.

Working with you on your farm is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done with you. I just love the way you allow me to help. Pushing the wheelbarrow with the seedlings, arranging them and helping you water them. They are very treasured memories that bring smiles to my face each time I remember it. My one and only Mango Seedlings Farmer. Lol. And oh, did I forget to tell you how awesome you are at picking up new things/skills. And that you passed it on to both daughters?

We’ve had our small misunderstandings here and there. But they aren’t enough to quench the love you’ve shown me and I’m glad daddy. The woman I am today, is because you took the time to raise me well. You saw the potential I had and encouraged it. You were willing to get on the phone with me and explain things to me when I needed it. Always providing for me even in the most difficult times.

To a father that supersedes all masculine misconceptions;

A friend who has my back all the time;

To my teacher of life and all it’s nuances;

The husband of the most precious mom on earth;

To you, world’s special dad;

Thank you for being super awesome!

The young man who will marry me has big shoes to fill as a father to our children and a husband to me. But I’m sure you’ll give him some of your tips about handling me. Because truth be told, you’re one of the few men who really get me. You’re so precious to me Daddy. It doesn’t have to be a funeral service before I mention how much you mean to me. You’re blessed among men and I pray you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

As I conclude my letter to you, I want you to know that I love you deeply. Perhaps I don’t say it as much because you’re not a words person. But I hope I’ve shown you enough to see that I cherish you. There’s no way I will ask for a new daddy. You’re the best I want and will always have. Thanks for teaching me about Christ, thanks for fathering and “daddying” me. I appreciate the warmth, the love and the consistency to see me be the best. Cheers to many more years of love daddy!

From your first daughter with all the love a child can muster for the daddy,

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