Innocent and care free, no sort of worry whatsoever.
so much faith and belief, that all would be well.
Wings to fly high into the sky, dream the biggest of dreams,
have all the world at your fingertips,
no room to house discouragement or impossibility.


Innocent and open to new and seemingly weird ideas,
creative beyond measure,
full of hopes and dreams,
faith without measure,
even hard times become a source of pleasure.
Rise again when you fall,
try again when you fail,
keep trying until you become the best….


This is the essence of childhood , it opens up a whole new world of possibility to you.
Don’t let that child in you die. When the child dies, you stop believing and faith is the substance of all the things not seen and yet hoped for.
Keep the child alive and kicking.



Mimispassion © 2016
Image credits: Google images

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