Hand pointing at a choices illustration on blue background.
Hand pointing at a choices illustration on blue background.

Each waking moment in our lives, we’re faced with different decisions, different choices

Choices that ultimately determine the course of our lives

Maybe you live everyday oblivious of the power your choices exert on your life

Every second, of every day we make daily choices

We choose to eat or not to eat

To pray or not to pray

To believe in God or not to believe in Him

To say something encouraging to that friend who is at the verge of giving up on his dreams

We choose to chase our dreams and make them a reality that changes the world or build castles in the air

Small as some of these choices may seem, they’re the even most important ones

For instance if you chose not to brush your teeth this morning,theres no need for a prophet to come tell you that people will surely avoid you

Better still you know you’re lactose intolerant but decide to eat food containing lactose, the doctor needn’t come tell you how uncomfortable you’ll be throughout your day

And you surely don’t need the devil to come tell what will happen to you if you choose to marry a person based on just their physical appearance or affluence without knowing the real stuff the person is made of

Choices are not to be toyed with

To toy with the choices life presents to you, is to toy with your own life

Until you learn to make choices circumspectly, there’s a great possibility of living a life of regret everyday

As silly as it may sound, refusing to make a choice even is in itself a choice

Inasmuch as choices determine the course of your life, they also influence your relationship with other people

You choosing to show love to that annoying friend in spite of himself would make you a sturdy part of his life

Because unbeknownst to you, everything is falling apart in his life and he feels unloved and as such you loving him gives him hope

That choice you made, last minute though it was to heed to God’s call to salvation has spared you an eternity devoid of destruction and misery and has made you a solution to the world at large as you influence person by person that encounters you with the Jesus in you

If you really want to impact the world with your gifts, talents and passion then you have to place much importance on your everyday choices

Instead of running away from that training field because of that irritating supervisor, choose to stay and bear the tough times

For we know that it’s gold that has been passed through the fire that is the finest

You being able to bear all those rough edges would end up producing in you an inner tenacity

Dear young parents, it’s a choice you make to be good parents to that little boy with promising talent even though he is stubborn

Precious single lady/gentleman, you make a choice to remain pure and build yourself up to the best of your potential

Not forgetting that you attract your kind

Oh sir politician, you can still make that choice to not kowtow to the bribery and corruption going on around you

Choose to value your integrity over any billions of money cause material possessions can be lost in the blink of an eye but strongly developed inner core values stand the test of time

You’re a teacher in a school that is known as ‘less endowed’, choose to make a difference in the lives of the young people you handle

Knowing that the most important thing in life is knowing that you made a difference when you had the opportunity to do so

Students, choose to make the most out of your education, don’t just learn for examination purposes but choose to apply what you learn in class to your day to day life as and when appropriate

All in all, choose to be a person who puts much thought into making choices

The quality of your choices determine the quality of your life


Choose to make the right choices now!!!!

Your choices are your life, choose carefully

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  1. Choices will definitely determine where we will be in life
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