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I love to dance and watch dances, mimes etc. I watched a mime on a sermon by a female preacher(who I’m guessing could be Juanita Bynum). The message from the sermon and the passion with which the mime was communicated through the moves, convicted me more than some sermons I’ve ever heard.

What exactly is the testimony of the church these days? At the end of the year, month, week etc. is our testimony based on how many material things we accrued as individuals or as the whole church? About how many new chapels, schools the church has built? Is our testimony just about how God healed and delivered us? Is it about how we were saved from a near death experience? Or how we were in dire need of money and suddenly had money sent from nowhere into our accounts?
All these are good testimonies, but perhaps we have forgotten what the real deal is?


That our core mandate is to go out into all the world and make disciples? Perhaps we decided to change the core mandate to suit our current systems and civilization, we build extravagant buildings and have boring services because we’re missing out on the power of God and just enjoying His benefits in a relaxed manner. We’ve become concerned with winning souls( a term for getting bodies to warm the pews in church). Converts are easy to make, I mean hearing the old old story of Christ and His love melts the hearts of several “sinners/unbelievers”, but the excitement dies down soon after, because the church is just concerned with getting numbers, not souls. Forgetting that we’re to bear lasting fruits.


This what Jesus wants us to do. It’s never been about the “mission 3000 or 7000 souls” or whatever fancy name we give it. Where we go and demonstrate some “tip of the iceberg” power in villages and get multitudes to convert, then we form and commission a church and go back to our homes to enjoy life, leaving the new church to fend for themselves whilst expecting monthly quotas from them towards the “supposed management of the church”. Paul prayed thus “that your body, soul and spirit  be preserved until the coming of Christ”. But how do these new converts stay in the faith when there’s no one to shepherd them and see to it that they grow?


Our churches are full of dead Christians, because we sit on the gifts of the Spirit, thinking they’re irrelevant in this day and age. Our services have become schedules, that need to be kept, it’s no longer about the fellowship of the brethren. Because truth is, there’s no brethren at all, the church has classifications, strata, hierarchy(whatever you want to call it). The low class can’t mingle with the high class because you know, the blood that saved them was more expensive, what impudence! Look, we aren’t to be dormant, each Christian is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit who is the seal of our sonship, and this power is to reach out to the whole world with the good news of Christ, not to build huge mansions and edifices with glittering crucifixes on top of the buildings, whereas the souls inside the building aren’t even saved, and if they happen to be saved, aren’t living the true Christian life.


There is a mandate we need to fulfil. There’s a race we must run and there are victories to be won, God is ready to give us power every hour to be true and see this mandate to finish. It might look like there’s more time, but souls keep perishing whilst the time prolongs. It is God’s will that everyone be saved, that’s why there may still be time. But what essence would it be of, if the reason the time has been given is neglected. I’m guilty and so are you. We hide behind social media and claim we’re reaching out to the world, and yet you just walked past a child disrespecting the mother and you judged the child without any plans whatsoever to reach out to the child. You will live long because you know Ephesians 6:1-3, that child you just judged may never know. There are opportunities all around us, whether you’re old or young, there’s still something to do with the outpoured spirit within and upon you.


Heavenly father, we your church and body has fallen short of your glory. We’ve sought our own benefits and have become too selfish and self conscious to seek to bring others to you. We ask that you forgive us and rekindle that love in our hearts once again. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. We desire to be filled daily to reach out to this dying world. Open our eyes to see the opportunities all around us and help us to value your death and resurrection. Heal us from all deadness and deafness in Jesus name, amen.

God bless you for reading. And may the conviction you get from this message not just cause you to pause and think, but may you step up with action.

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  1. A call to wake up from being seat warmers in church!! For me alone you have spoken to me and may God help me as I launch out to snatch those going down back into His marvelous light!
    The church issue is really serious…it’s like we gradually loosing focus!! May God revive His church in Jesus name!

  2. The problem with contemporary church is not the building, the sermon or the people. It is the lack of relationship which has proven prevalent, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid” – Matthew 5:14

    If people pulled into God; then God would pull into that person and then you would see a change in contemporary church. All it takes is one person; the rest will follow after they see God’s ability to work in that person’s life.

    “There is no limit to what our limitless God will do in response to a limitless faith.”
    ― Smith Wigglesworth, Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

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