Okay, I’ll come for church services and prayer meetings’
I’ll worship God and read my bible’
But you don’t expect me to ask God to help me finish my assignments, do you??
I mean the lecturer is literally on my nerves, why so many though?

Oh, I like that girl and I’ll propose soon,
God doesn’t need to get involved,
As for my spiritual life, there’s no problem at all
I am in constant touch with God, 24/7 sharp …


Christians of today compartmentalize our lives:
Claiming to have emotional,  physical, psychological and all the ‘cals‘ you could think of.
The parts of our lives outside church services and the personal hurried times spent with God are out of His reach.
We prefer to do things our own way.
Most of us recite “…my life is hid with Christ in God” without actually understanding the verse.

If your life is hid in God then all that pertains to you is in Him,
There are no  ‘ I can take care of this myself ‘ issues,
In fact, you have no right to take care of anything by yourself,
I’m not promoting laziness but trust.

When it comes to man and God, there’s your responsibility and God’s sovereignty:
God would take care of all that concerns you, but you also have a responsibility;
A responsibility that isn’t about doing it on your own and trusting in your own abilities.

Yeah, your fallen nature taught you to fend for yourself but you belong to a new order now,
An order in which all you need do is trust and obey,
Not work out your own way,
God is very interested in making you excel at all you do,
Don’t drag His name through the mud by being average and mediocre,
Just because you chose to be your own boss instead of submitting to your only boss!


Compartments arise in our lives out of an attempt to be real:
To some people, there’s a reality in relationships, academics, finances besides God,
To them, God is just for the ‘spiritual ‘: it is never true.
God didn’t compartmentalize our lives for us,
In an attempt to escape Him overseeing all we do, we tend to compartmentalize.

Reality is God and His word and there’s nothing else “realer” than that,
Feelings don’t last, they can’t be real over God,
Real is permanent and doesn’t change!
Real remains constant irrespective of the change around,
God’s word has never changed all these years,
His love for you hasn’t grown wilder or thinner because there’s so much sin in the world,
His promises are still yea and amen,
There’s no better person a creation will find reality in, aside from its creator.

Our mistake in trying to find reality aside God is a falsehood.
There’s no reality aside Jesus, He has never failed and never would.
Don’t allow the world limit your thinking about possibilities in Christ.
Dream big and run far on the wings of Christ,
Allow Him to define your reality to you:
A reality of a life that conquers and overcomes,
A reality of being a lion who doesn’t chew grass in famine,
The reality of influencing the whole world no matter how many baby steps you take,
Choose the reality that proclaims you healthy and sound irrespective of what the doctor’s report says,
A reality that allows you to completely submit your life without fear of losing control
Choose God because He’s the real deal!!

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  1. Mimi, This is Spirit-igniting.
    May your head never lack oil.

    This is real reality realised.

    God bless you so much.

  2. Real remains constant irrespective of the change around, wow this is the touching part in the whole piece for me. Great one Mimi.#keepitcoming

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