He loves me, he loves me not;

His eyes related a story that matched his actions,

Yet his words denied it vehemently;

I couldn’t tell what he wanted or was after,

One moment he was touching my heart with his actions,

The next he was trying to push me away,

Why do you get me so confused?

He loves me, he loves me not;

Everyone around kept telling us how good we looked together,

Yet we both knew things weren’t as they seemed;

He was precious to me and he knew;

And it wasn’t just because of his thoughtfulness and ability to read me,

He was a special person in his own class,

A typical ladies man, he was simply awesome,

Say something please, why leave me so confused?

Finally, he decided to talk, “we have to talk”, he said one day;

I thought twas an indication that he’d finally mustered the courage,

After all, he knew how I felt already;

Alas, I had gone ahead of him in thinking,

He just wanted to inform me, he had gained admission outside the country,

He was leaving in 3 weeks time, and he hadn’t said anything,

I wished he would say something, but maybe it was only me;

I was the one whose feelings were running wild,

I assumed all these years growing up would build something lasting,

Alack, my confused thoughts had led me to feel wrong.



Mimispassion © 2016

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