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Have you over-enjoyed all you read from the blog?

Over the past 4 years, I’ve built my writing capacity and skills to evolve into several different services that can benefit you as an individual brand or business. My work has revolved around digital marketing strategies, content creation, business writing, blogging, mentoring and consulting for people with business ideas they want to push. You can contact me if you need any of these services:

Ghostwriting (books and articles)

You have the ideas, the expertise and the knowledge but lack the time to write that book or article that will greatly improve your brand or business? I will work with you to understand your goal for the book or article you wish to author and craft the pieces in ways that communicate in your voice and your message.

Business Writing

For your newsletters, proposals, handbooks and press releases, I work with you to understand your schedules and timelines. After which I get to work creating the right communication for the purpose you intended it for, thus getting you the results you expected.

Website Copywriting

Websites shouldn’t have Lorem Ipsum text when you can take your time to let your voice, personality and unique offering be felt when visitors come to it. Let me work together with you to create keyword optimised web pages and content(copy) that improves your visibility on search engines as well as helps you reach your goals for creating the website. Check what I crafted for tedprologistics.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is just one part of digital marketing, it’s not the only thing. Those emails you get from channels you’ve subscribed to, the SMS from your banks, the timely appearance of websites when you search certain words, those ads you see in your apps when using them. All of that is digital marketing, in addition to the social media you’re familiar with. Based on your needs and goals, we’ll work together to create a roadmap for you. One that helps you capitalise on all these channels to build a brand and a business.

Content Strategy

Content is King. You can’t survive online or offline without creating useful content. Be it videos, blogs, ebooks, guides, etc. Depending on which industry you’re in and how old your business is, content can help you drive action. Whether you want to drive sales, generate leads or plain old brand awareness, there’s need to create content. We’ll review your industry and find the gap you’re filling. Then create a clear path to utilise content in achieving your grand business goals.

Ideas Consulting

I absolutely love talking through ideas. Punching holes in them, discovering what’s special about them, providing directions and next steps for them. We’ll together go through your short and long term plans for the idea(s) bouncing around in your head. Conduct some research, speak to people and get a better understanding. Of whether you’re better off ignoring or implementing that idea. At the end of the day, you’ve got some long term plan, action points and a more defined pitch. And choosing to implement  or ignore it becomes a much clearer decision to make.


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