In life things don’t always go as you envisioned

Sometimes they can go so bad that you wonder if you really have a vision

You may begin to even doubt yourself and potential

The passion may begin to decline but don’t relent

When you get to the place I call the cross roads in your pursuit of your passion

That place where you wonder where you are going and if even you are moving

That point in time where it seems much better to listen to your critiques than your heart

In that place of total despair beyond repair

When you get here ( the cross roads)

It means you are near

Very near to fulfilling that dream and desire

So you can’t  afford to retire because you think you are tired

But rather forge ahead

Keep going, encourage yourself , get in a place where your spirit will be lifted up

Think back to why you are on this path

Why this dream and why this passion

And sure enough an answer would pop up

That hidden reason behind all the excitement about your dream and passion would reveal itself

Again I say when you get to life’s cross roads

And loads cross loads

So much that you can’t bear and want to give up

Look within , remember the praises and the encouragements ,the difference you made in lives

And keep the dream alive

Keep the dream alive, keep the passion alive

For that young girl or boy , that old man or woman, that young woman or man

Who would need your example of chasing after what you  believe in to get to where they ought to be

For the cross roads are just there to test you

And prove you as capable or not

As a believer in what you love and believe in or not

For in adversity we get the most courageous people

When life takes you to its cross roads make sure you double cross life and win

Remember that CROSS ROADS give us the





S  – STEADILY             and



A -AGAIN our

D – DREAMS that have been



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