Her smooth and shimmery skin glowed in the beautiful moonlight. She was an amazing dancer, moving her slender waist with perfect rhythm, in sync with the music from the age old drums. I wanted her for myself, she was the best dancer and the prettiest of them all. Her smile is what killed me, perfectly set white teeth that glimmered in the light that fell on it from the lanterns hung on the trees at the centre. Why did the Prince have so many beautiful girls, dancing and competing just to get him to marry them?  Why couldn’t they just pay attention to the plain but handsome men around, the kind of man I’ll grow into. Alas, I’m just 10 now, but when I fully develop, I know the ladies won’t be able to resist me. And I’ll get that girl who has been my desire all this while. I can’t wait to grow and indulge this raving craving for this ravishing, perfectly molded model of a girl, with eyes that spoke volumes of the precious qualities she possessed and laughter that heals wounded hearts miles away. This girl whose smile could paralyse the most brilliant of minds and hold them captive to her dashing beauty, leaving grown men drooling to their own embarrassment. That beautiful girl is the crush of my amazing childhood. I may meet others later, but she’ll always be the first on the list…

Mimispassion © 2016


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