Passivity, a state of active slumber,
When the raging fire within dies down to an ember.
Nothing moves you to take action, yet your inaction leaves much to be desired.
You’re empty but too scared to admit it and gradually the things you care about slip out of hand.
By then, the harm would already be done, the chance to make a change long gone.

Then regrets cloud your judgement, because your attitudinal passivity led to annihilation of your passions.
Lives were lost and destroyed just because you chose to watch unconcerned.
The most dangerous place to be is to be passive, don’t become adept at staying there,
It just kills vision and scars hearts, love what you do and actively pursue it.
Harness your abilities to bring smiles to faces and joy to hearts,
Decline the invitation to be and remain passive, decide to remain active irrespective of what happens.



All image credits go to Google.

Mimispassion © 2016

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