Democracy or Monarchy


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These days I hear more “I feel “, “I don’t feel like” than “God wants this”
A lot of us Christians have become more feelers than pleasers of God
After all we can always rely on grace,I mean Grace never fails
Well just in case you forgot,let me remind you
The Christian race or life is a monarchy so to say
We’re in a kingdom ruled by a definite king
No doubt that we are also kings ,but mind you,we’re kings in the domain of the King of Kings
So yeah,we are kings but we’re still subject to a King

Probably you were thinking its a government for the people ,by the people and with the people
Hey,Christianity isn’t a democracy 
In case it slipped your mind,on that fateful day
When heaven was silent ,cuz there didn’t seem to be anyone to come die for you
You weren’t there to vote Jesus,He made a choice to come be the lamb to be slain
Decided to leave His glory and become a man,so plain

Thus I don’t care if you feel like praying or not
I don’t care if you’re too proud to tell those low down children about the Love of Christ
I really don’t care if you’re too scared of hurt to love entirely 
You don’t have an excuse to keep doing your own thing 
You don’t even own yourself,perhaps you forgot Galatians 2:20
This new life isn’t about you 
If you remember clearly ,you stated definitely that “I take Christ as my Lord…”
You allowed Christ lordship over your life
In that instance,you chose the monarchy over democracy

By God’s grace,your spiritual gifts have become active by virtue of the fellowship you found yourself in
In the blink of an eye,you’ve founded your own fellowship 
Claiming you’ve  been called
Are you sure its not about you,wanting to show off gifts which are not even yours??
And the fact that God has placed that man or woman as an authority in your life
Does it mean you should choose to listen to that person only?
As against the King whose domain you belong to?

You think its your choice,what you think of??
Better read Philippians 4:8 ,get to know how your thought life should be
Any kind of music, so long as there are beats and words, becomes your favorite 
Forgetting that in your kingdom ,everything you do has an impact on you
Vulgar words is your routine,you speak as though you got nothing to lose
Ignoring the truth that your words carve situations and solve or make them worse
Movies and books that sell nothing but lust and pride are your favorite 
Just maybe ,you forgot that constant reading and meditation upon your kingdom manual endears you to your king ?
Partying and following the crowd,unaware that you’re supposed to stand out and not fit in??
Pride and self respect is hailed everywhere but hey in your kingdom ,humility is what counts

I could go on and on
Revealing all the ways we focus on ourselves instead of our King
Mind you,I’m also a culprit of thinking I’m living in a democracy
But I believe this has been enough 
Enough to wake you up to the reality of what you’ve become
Enough to wake you up to start following the true path of who you are
An awakening call to remind you,of whose you are
I pray these words would not leave you guilty 
But rather would guide you towards repentance 
For you to be ready when the King comes with His reward
Never forget that we as Christians are of a kingdom and not democracy

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  1. brilliant, I love the part that says we are Kings but in the domain of the King of Kings. hmmm i love it #keepitcoming yeah

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