Deep in the ocean, lies the precious treasures,

Deep in the hearts of men, lies their deepest secrets,

The deep is known to contain the truth,

The surface usually just an introduction,

But down in theย depths, there’s no reduction,

Everything abounds in its full measure,

Be it treasure or pleasure.

The secret sins and the daring dreams,

The fears that cripple and the passion that drives,

The love that conquers and the hate that destroys,

The past that haunts and the future that taunts,

Threats to life and opportunities to strive,

The good, the bad and the ugly,

The storehouse of words that harm or encourage,

The motivation behind actions,

The deep houses them all.

Deep calleth unto the deep,

Do you want to be wise? Go deeper,

Do you seek understanding? Go deeper,

Want to recognise potential? Dig deeper,

The !most precious treasures are discovered in the depths,

Stop scratching the surface, stop seeking immediate pleasure,

Look deeper and go deeper to obtain the best.

Mimispassion ยฉ 2016

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