#Don't let the passion die

In the kitchen preparing crabs for okro stew,I noticed that almost all the crabs were struggling to get out of my reach and out of the pan. Call it survival . But then i realised that whichever one was able to make it to the top got caught by me and had to be the first to die(so to put it). This brought a thought creeping subtly into my mind that in life,after all the hard work down there on your own. You draw attention when you finally break through or make it. The attention could be either good or bad. Like in the case of the crabs which was bad.

Nevertheless that don’t mean you shouldn’t work hard and follow up on your dreams with action. Keep working hard . Not necessarily for attention or win approval of folks but work hard because you want to be the best you can ever be. Continue to motivate yourself, don’t be scared of becoming great and the best at whatever you do.

Keep the fire burning and the passion alive. Continue with the hard work and 1002surely  I know someone would notice your hard work and come to your aid if need be.

Let me end by quoting a friend “You don’t need to have a large audience before you begin anything. Wherever you find yourself , be the elephant in the room. “

Have a Terrific Thursday !!!!!!!!!

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