Seeping in subtly like a tributary joining a river,

With the face of a friend, yet an enemy at heart,

Leading you on towards the wrong decision, like unrequited love,

Making it look like the truth just needs a little more reasoning,

Twisting everything and tainting it with all the negative experiences,

Making you question the foundation of your beliefs,

Wondering if those people were right in their assertions,

Signalling you to just give it a little more thought,

But before you knew it, you had become faithless,

Unable to believe in anything without first breaking it all down,

In the end leaving nothing except disbelief where there should be belief.

Now unbelief has become a relief,

Making you feel in control of life,

Every decision is well refined by numerous thought processes,

Every statement now becomes raw gold that needs refinement,

Doubt has eaten into the whole of your soul,

Leaving a hole that never seems to fill up,

Because the hole could only be filled by belief which you lack,

Your life is now empty, no source of joy,

No optimism at all, everything screams doom and gloom,

You thought you were happy, but recent events made you question it,

The always merry you has now disintegrated into someone else,

A stranger you’ve ne’er met before.

Here you are today, at the verge of making the most important decision of your life,

Yet something seems to tell you to ignore the evidence or the lack of it,

Something similar to faith and belief,

Yet you’re not sure if you still have any of those left in you,

Then you noticed the hole filling up,

Making you wonder if indeed you’d be made whole again,

Suddenly the import of the decision gets weightier,

A wrong decision could ruin you and vice versa,

You choose to listen to that voice asking you to despise the evidence or lack of it,

Your mind has began to fight, but you feel a peace you’ve never known before,

Then you realised that, indeed belief is possible,

And faith is liberating,

Doubt just lost the battle and he leaves just as subtly as he came.

Mimispassion © 2016


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  1. I love it. I can definitely relate to it. I’ve had experiences that have blindfolded into seeing the dark side of things. Only faith can open our eyes to truth and beauty.

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