Time after time, I wake up panting and holding my chest tightly for dear life.
Another nightmare, scary apparitions of my past getting out of the closet and chasing me.
No chance of escape from these negative images, my life is slipping by daily,
As I can’t seem to focus on anything aside these nightmares, tossing and turning them in my head,
Hoping  meaning will jump out at me and give me a reasonable explanation.
Now, I can’t bring myself to sleep anymore, my bed which was my friend has now become a scary enemy I’m not ready to face.

Where have all the days gone to, did they evaporate?
The days I used to dream, dream of the wonderful future,
Where life featured all the goodies I wanted,
The dream of a safe future, filled with impact and strong positive influence.
The dream of being an inspiration to the world and even the heavens.
I don’t know what happened, but I stopped dreaming and now have nightmares,
Nightmares that leave me spent and pensive…..

I long to dream again, to reach out again and touch all the things that make my life count.
I long to dream again, to hold on to the friends I always loved and cherished.
I long to dream again, to face my fears and doubts and break free to be me….
I long to dream again, and dream big….

Mimispassion © 2016

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  1. Commenting on everything you’ve posted is what I’ll like to do but I didn’t read all but quite a few and I must say your writing is awesome👌👌✌

          1. But you don’t have to listen to “anji”(a lecturer I ****) every Tuesday and Thursday , but again you are going to the real world hmmmmm

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