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I had a dream

That I was great

The whole world valued me

Because I was living my purpose and impacting lives…….

But then I woke up and decided to go back to sleep

Now I’ve ended up forgetting my dream

Sacrificing my dreams just for a little more comfort….

Sad story, right??

Unfortunately, that is the story of most people

We’re still alive and moving about

Yet deep inside know we’re sleeping on sooo much

So much potential , ideas that can  change the pain in the world

However you and I choose to sleep on it

Instead of waking up and chasing these dreams

The dreams we have

The dreams we cherish

The dreams that seek to change the world

These dreams that are ours for a reason because

No one could ever live out these dreams the way we would

Your dreams to cause a positive shift in our world

Are dreams that are worth chasing

Dreams that need to be translated into reality…..

To you the dream may seem too wild

It’s that wildness  that makes it even all the more different and makes all the difference

People have worked really hard to ensure that we enjoy the comfort we do today

The Graham Bells, the Thomas Edisons and all the others

Have worked hard at their dreams and we are enjoying the fruits of their labor

Even if you think the dream is insignificant,you wouldn’t know until you try to make it a reality

And there’s nothing insignificant in this world

Prayers prayed by individuals in their closets have caused mighty miracles and revivals in several parts of the world

These individuals couldn’t have known what their prayers would accomplish ,even so they took the leap of faith

Little drops of water is what makes the ocean mighty

Your seemingly little dream is essential for my big dream to thrive and effect a change

I may be recognized for the big difference I made but deep down in my heart know I couldn’t have made that difference without you

Without your believing in your little dream,my big dream couldn’t have materialized

No , its not too late

If there’s life then there’s time

Time is life

Wake up from the slumber

Shake off the laziness

Get out of your comfort zone

If that is what it’ll take you

Do it and let the world benefit from your DREAMS

Surely there’s a dream you have

I have no idea how big or small it is

Nonetheless I know it’s a dream you have to chase

Cause every dream that makes our world better is one worth chasing

Don’t be afraid of those making it

Don’t belittle yourself after comparing yourself to them

Don’t throw in the towel when things look bleak

Be a fighter

Learn from those that have gone ahead

“A wise and smart person is one who learns from the experiences of others”

Have a teachable spirit

Reach out for help when you need it

Never let anything stand in the way of achieving your dreams

Most importantly let God guide and lead you

Then you’re sure of success

Without Christ I am nothing,He is the source of my life

Seek Him also and you shall find Him and be fulfilled

Know that dreams for this particular write up connotes

D – daring to

R – reinvent

E – everything positive that can be

A – achieved by you whilst

M – magnifying your

S – specialties

I had a dream and

I made it count

Let that be your story……………….


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  1. Am always inspired when reading such articles. It’s always worth every minute spent reading it. We all have got dreams in life though , but it takes a determined soul to achieve those dreams and goals.

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