Sometimes you feel full;
full of hope and optimism,
full of faith and greatness,
full of dreams that have potential to change the world,
make it the best place we all wish it is.


But then you’re faced with difficulties;
that hit you so hard, you lose yourself,
wondering if ever you filled yourself properly,
if you weren’t just the proverbial empty barrel which made the most noise.


Sometimes you feel empty, not because you are,
but because the difficulties overwhelm you,
you doubt if you can ever make the difference,
doubt if your decision to wait wasn’t the wrong one,
doubt if being abnormal or extraordinary was worth it,
sometimes life just feels empty because you lose faith.

Nevertheless, fill yourself with all the goodies prepared by God for you and rest assured that, no matter how you feel, He has filled you and dwells in you as His sanctuary…
You’re never empty

Mimispassion © 2016

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0 Comments on “Empty”

  1. Love this.. we are never empty… God’s containers ain’t empty.. though there are days were every thing seems do shaky and the very thing you live by is questioned. So much fear and doubt.. I love the resolution. God fills His own.

  2. Wow. These words really captures the essence of what I’ve been feeling. Thanks so much for the wonderful encouragement that even in the midst of that ’empty’ feeling, we are never really empty. Love love it 🙂

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