A part of human existence is to go through situations thus have experiences

Some of these experiences are rich in their nature of being sweet, bitter or bitter-sweet (if there’s a word like that)

No matter the nature of your experience, it doesn’t deny the fact that experiences are an essential part of life

It’s no error that there are so many quotes on experience, it just goes to drive the point home about the importance of experiences

You have the sole responsibility of deciding what your experiences mean to you

The choice is yours to decide if they serve as stepping stones for you to your next level

Otherwise you could choose to let them form the basis for building wrong perceptions that end up marring your relationship with others

Experiences are very powerful tools

They can fuel inspiration and motivation to develop solutions to society’s problems

Then again they can fuel serious distorted ideas and ideals that ruin people and society at large

He’s permanently scarred for life because daddy run away and so because of that he walks around with a wounded self-image not willing to believe that he can ever be loved by anyone and so feels insecure

She has always ended up being cheated on and disappointed by guys and so has decided to pay all guys in their own coin and has now become known as the MHB (Male Heart Breaker), everyone keeps talking of her as though she is a hymn in the MHB (Methodist Hymn Book)

Just because that student insulted your pride in class as a lecturer, you have become bitter towards all students and ‘mafia’ them

That young innocent man turned into a fierce robber doing harm to people just because robbers killed his parent’s right before his eyes after torturing them

Experiences are hard to let go off, especially the negative ones

They end up becoming cankers that gnaw at the soul until there’s nothing good left of the person

However there are still people out there who allow negative experiences to inspire great ideas and solutions

Cast your mind back to that orphanage around you where the kids are treated by the owner as though they were his/her own children

The love and passion was born out of the negative experiences they went through and how someone stepped in to change their lives

As a street hawker, he developed agile skills at staying tough and making wise business situations and as a result has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world

Paul’s passion for spreading the gospel was born after an experience on the road of Damascus which changed his whole perception about Christianity

And today, you and I are able to read the many things God used him for and we are encouraged

The power of experiences can’t be undermined

Don’t allow people to suffer because of your experiences

Don’t give up on your dreams simply because of a few setbacks you experienced

Whatever experiences you go through, are mostly to bring you to a better place and make a better person out of you if allowed

Make your experiences count positively in the lives of others

We all have experiences

We all go through experiences

It’s up to you to decide what these experiences mean to you and how your life is affected by them


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0 Comments on “EXPERIENCES”

  1. Worth reading…

    I think people let negative experiences affect them negatively because they can’t forgive themselves or others.
    Someone said the negative done to you will be the very motivation to hurt another person with the very same wrong, if you do not forgive…

    Some people too, let positive experiences affect them negatively because they become overly proud.

    I believe the power of experiences can be channelled to our gain, if humility and forgiveness would rule our hearts in Christ.

    Thank you…

  2. Experience is said to be the best teacher, thats why one has to learn from people who have passed through life’s up’s and down

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