I wish I could vanish
My image is at risk of being tarnished
I’m at the verge of being found out
Knowing very well my shortcomings
Yet they hail me like the most perfect person
Usually I’m not who they envision
But dare I reveal my true self to them?
Would they still love and support me if they knew?
Would they not walk away from me?
Can they bear to close their eyes to what they see??
And just let it be washed away like the waves wash the sand off the beach?


I am flawed and I know
I think you should know also
I am not the perfect daughter,friend,mentor, protégé you ideate
I’ve tried to live up to expectations but the façade can no longer hold water
I’m losing myself trying to play the “perfect one”
The last time I saw myself,was behind the curtains of my most elaborate performances
With just a peek through the curtains I saw everything
How I was leading everyone on with laughter and a good show
You can’t blame me for being such a talented actress
But its all yielding nothing,the hurts still remain
The inadequacies of the main
The main person who I am,the real trapped self of this popular character


Thank you for reaching out to me
Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws and the façade
Glad you made my acquaintance and finally worked up to being a friend
You held me close when my acts caught up with me
Showed me a more reasonable way to live
So to you Jesus,I say thanks a million
For rescuing me from my own villain
For being the white knight in shining armor that climaxed the story of my life
Now perfect only on your watch and in you
Personally I’m nothing to write home about without you

My friends and everyone out there,those who look up to me
I wrote this for you today,to let you know I’m flawed on my own
All you are blessed with from me is God at work
So look up to Him more instead,don’t let me be your yardstick to measure “YOU”
Christ is your only yardstick


I am flawed but I thank God that I am loved

Mimispassion © 2016

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  1. Dont usually comment but dis one really my attention. indeed its better to look up to Him… Jesus is the way…
    God bless u

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