Like the beautiful sea shells strewn all across the sandy beach,

Like treasures hidden in plain sight,

These beautiful souls appear to make life worth living,

Some become more than family,

Bound by a love so strong, the mind can’t comprehend;

How the heart managed to form bonds so strong, nothing seemed to break it…

Friends are the intricately designed other parts of our souls,

Which cheer us on and correct us when necessary,

The wonderful listeners and expert therapists,

What could one do without a friend?

Who would share in your jokes and laugh,

Who will sit by you in silence whilst you cry,

Who will you cause trouble with and go unpunished?

Friends spice up life,

They bring peace in the midst of strife,

Push you for more to strive,

Dedicated to your welfare, inspite of their own,

People you can easily share your heart with;

Without fear of judgement,

People who know who you truly are,

How crazy you are and can be, and yet love you anyways,

Friends have played an important role in my life,

They’ve shaped me and directed me to God,

I couldn’t ask for less(I could definitely do with more),

Some I met quite late, but they’ve proven to be worth waiting for,

Others I’ve fallen out with, nevertheless they were great friends.

Friends make life better and joyous,

Adding color to the beautiful paintings of life.

Mimispassion © 2016


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