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A friend started this story and asked me to complete it. I don’t know if I did it any good at all, but that’s why you’re all here right? Kindly read and let me know what you think. Happy Black Friday. Lol

This morning, while dressing her up for school, my little Asabea asked quite an unusual question, “daddy how did you meet mummy? ” Asabea asks questions that make me rethink her age. You hardly know the depth of her questions until you try answering them. This one was a bit strange. I attempted ignoring the question but I realized she wasn’t the only audience in the room, her mum was too.

She dropped her make-up brush and stopped everything else she was doing to look at me. The expression on her face pleading “a please tell her’, just so she could hear it for the umpteenth time. Ever since I narrated this story on our wedding day, Senam has never got tired of it. She would encourage me to make references to it, ask me to narrate it to her as a bedtime story or even ask her friends to ask me to narrate to them. It was her favourite story of all times. Chiefly because she felt the whole thing was incredible and the fact that I had never given full details until our wedding day made it the more interesting for her.

Now that mother and daughter had formed a team and decided to be my audience this early morning, I have to deliver my best performance”, I thought to myself. “You know….”, I began…

“That night, I was running an errand for your Godmother. She had invited me to an event and I made it there a bit late so when I got to the venue, I quickly scanned the faces for her’s but couldn’t immediately spot her. Being a typical me, seeking mental adventure, I started searching for the nearest prettiest face and found company.

I didn’t regard her as a dazzling beauty, I never thought of talking to her neither did the idea of shooting my shot occur to me. But after the event when I heard her speak I realized how much I had ‘slacked’ earlier by being quiet.
She chose her words carefully, clearly and flawlessly drove home her points and she had this mix of strong masculine with a touch of fearless feminine tinge in her voice which made the voice so perfectly clear. Hearing her speak, I knew then, that I could listen to her all day. And I’m glad I would get to do so for the rest of my life. I shot Nam a knowing look whilst she gave me a toothy smile. I continued my story because Asabea was nowhere near accepting the story to have ended.

That night, I was the quiet one. Not that I was dumbfounded or my confidence was crushed by my crush (oh yeah… I had already started crushing on her), but I was too mesmerized to utter a word. She was smart, intelligent, well read and above all, God-fearing. I discovered all this after just 5 minutes of listening to her. Call me a die-hard crush, but Nam was really a one of a kind. I didn’t feel the usual butterflies in my stomach. I literally felt my heart melt.

She was talking to a friend of mine, so I just sat down by them to listen. The more I listened to her, the more I got convinced that I had met a rare breed of millennial. When she laughed, she threw her head back with abandon and didn’t really mind who was watching or listening. She was always true to herself, and that was one thing I have admired her till today. Your Godmother finally came so we had to go, she offered to drop Senam and her friend off. After we had dropped them off, Godmother asked why I had become so quiet and before I could stop the words from running out, I heard myself say “I think I’ve fallen in love”. She and my friend laughed so hard but when she turned and saw I was still unsmiling, she said “Oh, you’re serious?”, I just nodded and smiled. Well, she sounds smart and passionate. I don’t know her so I can’t say much, but I know you would be careful. She said and the car fell silent till I got off.

When I settled in my room, I immediately whipped out my phone and checked her up on social media. I found her and went through her profile several times. I saw some pictures of her from SHS and her current self, they didn’t look too different. I sent her a friend request that night. I wanted to send her a message on WhatsApp but couldn’t bring myself to do so. She seemed to be one who wouldn’t pay too much attention to a guy she just met a few hours ago. I decided to stay in touch with her, whether in-person or behind her back (literally translated mild stalking – if there’s anything like that). I couldn’t bring myself to agree on what it is that drew me to her, but I knew that this was weird even for me. I wasn’t one to fall this easily for any girl. So I did what I usually did when I felt confused. For the first time in a long time, I knelt by my bed and said “God, I know that we haven’t been the best of friends lately, but this lady, I don’t know why I just feel drawn to her. Should I marry her? Should I just be her friend? Would I see her again? Would she be a good friend? I was asking God so many questions, but I knew he wouldn’t mind cause he was used to me and my questions by now. So I concluded my questions, wait, prayers, okay question-prayers thus: I would count on you in my dreams tonight”. I said amen and got into bed.

I woke up the next day convinced about calling her, but when after I pressed call and heard the sound of the call connecting, I immediately cut the line. Fortunately for me, she didn’t call back, maybe she didn’t see it or maybe she saw it but forgot about it. But I was definitely glad she didn’t pick up, cause I wouldn’t have known what to tell her. I kept my distance and feelings to myself, I only checked up on her once in a while. I had almost decided to let her go until I met her again about 6 months later. She was literally glowing, and she had this amazing wide cute smile that immediately made you want to hug her and pull at her cheeks after breaking from the hug. I decided to tell her something about how I felt, we lingered outside for a while. Me just asking her how life was going and all that, she kept talking and talking excitedly as she always does when she’s passionate about what she’s talking about. I could hear her, but most importantly my heart paid attention to the beauty of her voice. Just when I decided to try my shot to at least let her know how I felt. One of the speakers at the event came up to her and said: ” we can go now”. She had his bag and apparently was hitching a ride whilst she interacted with him. I said goodbye quickly to both of them and went back inside to finish up with packing since I was a part of the organizers.

Pii pii pii, I heard the driver honking outside. We had told him to honk when he realized we were getting late. Asabea dear, you are going to be late, I promise to tell you the rest of the story when you return okay? She nodded and went to hug her mom and came back to me to carry her outside. I took her and strapped her into the backseat of the car and waved her goodbye as the driver took off.

I came in to meet a smiling Senam. You’re glad you got saved by the horn huh, she said whilst patting her face with some face powder. I shrugged and went to sit on the bed behind her. You are truly a beautiful woman, and I’m very glad I got to be your best friend for life. It’s been 6 years and yet nothing seemed to have changed. The way my heart melted that evening in June still persists, you still have that effect on me. I love you so much, I said whilst getting up to hug her from behind.

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    May be Senam should just nicely shun that hug…she must make sure the umpteenth hearing is no half story!
    I want to hear it paaa

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