It is common to come across boys and girls, men and women who admire people who have made it. Some of these admirers are people seeking to unearth the potential that lies within them, it is therefore normal for them to look up to those who have already begun and made a mark in that arena. However, I find that, most people are usually not prepared to be take the opportunities head on, they get attracted to these successful people and yet lack the grit to make the most of the mentoring or assistance opportunities they’d receive from these successful people. A number of proteges are just delighted to be associated with their mentors(who are prominent figures in the society), all they ever think on is how to broadcast it to their friends and social media, how they know so-so-and-so. I’ve been in touch with people who have been spurred to action  by a particular writing of mine and decided to make changes to their lives: soliciting my help to do that. We keep at it for a day or two and that’s it, I no longer hear from them. It amazes me sometimes how the person who seemed all passionate and ready to learn just disappears. I must admit that I’ve been that kind of protege before, giving up because I felt my mentor wasn’t reaching out enough to me. It’s only after I experienced similar situations  that I have well understood how things work. If you truly want to make the most of opportunity, for that matter, any assistance or mentoring that comes your way, you should consider these steps and keep them in mind before even seeking the help you are convinced you need to tackle an opportunity.


  1. Have a plan: To truly succeed in any endeavor, you need a plan and not just any plan but a plan that has the potential of working and will work. Why do you want so-and-so to mentor you? Why is it important to you to take advantage of this opportunity? What are the things you think you’d gain from this opportunity? Have an expectation, don’t just be happy because the opportunity has dropped itself at your door. Be conscious of the reasons for which you want to tow that path. Define strategies and set goals and targets, put in milestones and timelines that would enable you track your progress over time. However don’t let the plans be too rigid, you can’t correctly anticipate everything that would happen in life, hence make room available for change, look ahead and include challenges you foresee that you might face and draw up strategies to face them head on when they come. Don’t just be excited by the opportunity, plan to make the most out of it.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.   –Antoine De Saint-Exupery

2. Resolve to stay committed: If you really want to know what people value, watch the things they’re committed to. You can’t claim to love a person or thing and not be committed to them/ it in a way. Commitment makes all the difference between those who really want to get something/somewhere and those that are just following the crowd. It’s no easy thing to stay on a chosen track, there would be so many avenues that would present themselves in favor of giving up, but he who stays the course to the end, earns the price. Keep working and striving till  you achieve that end you have in mind, don’t get distracted by pseudo-destinations, always refer to your plan to remind yourself of why you’re doing this and where you’re going with it. Do whatever it takes to meet your target and goal, but whatever extents you choose to go, make sure your conscience is okay with it and no one gets hurt by it.  Don’t give in to excuses or convenience, commitment means keeping at it even when all your interest has waned.


3. Make room for mistakes: Whether you’re a perfectionist or sanguine, mistakes are a constant part of life. They’re the bumps we run into, which jolt us back into reality. If you want to make the most out of any opportunity, be ready to admit and accept mistakes, with the mindset of making the most out of them. The fact that your someone did it right their first time doesn’t mean you’d also have it like that. Be ready to embrace your mistakes and learn from them. That doesn’t mean you should go ahead to make every mistake just to learn from it, be smart to learn from other’s mistakes as well. Don’t be judgemental when others makes mistakes, rather seek the lesson from it and add it to the bag of knowledge you possess. Be humble enough to admit it when you make a mistake and seek the appropriate authority and  assistance for correction. Once you train your mind to be open to the possibility of mistakes or failures, you set yourself up for good success. There’s no opportunity you wouldn’t be able to make your way through.


4. Track your progress: Finally, take note of how you’re growing. Document the changes you’re seeing as against the changes you wish to see. Not tracking how you’re doing, may bring with it a tendency to lose hope and focus. Put in measures to evaluate your journey and make the necessary changes where it becomes necessary. After all, if you’re doing all the right things, there should be a sort of reward right? Be open to feedback from the people who care about and believe in you. Not every feedback is necessary though, but listen and make changes if you think it’s worth it. Don’t give up because you’ve seen a shadow of where you really want to be. Shadows have a way of fading out, make sure the progress you’re tracking is the real deal. Even if you think you’ve got so good and yet you’re not at the end yet, keep going, stay on track and have nothing to do with distractions. Always keep in mind that, the only person who can tell if you’ve truly grown is you, so be truthful to yourself. Don’t be in self denial, speak the truth to yourself and spur yourself on. Happy yourself, for nobody will happy you.



I do hope these few pointers would set your mind in the right direction, the moment you think of accepting any opportunity that comes your way.

Share your thoughts and experiences with me. I love to hear from you.

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