I don't want a friendship where…




I don’t want a friendship where you ask me to tell you about myself,
As though we were in an interview,

I want the friendship which grows and blossoms by itself,
One in which after getting to know each other better,
Our best parts glow and bad parts go low,
I want a friendship which has a natural flow.

I don’t want a friendship where you ask me “can I be your friend?”
As if life was Facebook where you spend time
responding to friend requests from people you don’t know,
I want a friendship which doesn’t tear down, but rather builds up,
One in which there’s freedom to fool and
freedom to receive corrections for growth,
A friendship where instant feedback is appreciated,
not like Instagram where all you do is like,
I want a friendship between souls, not physical bodies and virtual realities.

I don’t want a friendship where I lead and you follow,
It’s not like we’re trying to copy Twitter,
I want a friendship where we are equal
and contribute value to each other’s life,
One in which we push each other to explore our fullest potential,
Not one that ridiculing other’s and their dreams is what makes us full,
I want a friendship which never ends
because we help each other be fulfilled.

I don’t want a friendship where you are a prey and I am the predator,
A friendship where all I do is milk you dry
of all your resources without giving back,
I want a friendship where our contributions to each other’s life
is engineered by the Holy Spirit Himself,
One that has Jesus at the center and so
can’t tip-off like a rotation of the earth,
I don’t want an eclipse friendship,
where there’s abnormality because one tried to rob the other,
I want a friendship which is full of substance and form.


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0 Comments on “I don't want a friendship where…”

  1. Don’t we all? I can relate to the ‘tell me about yourself’ part. I give the same response: this is not an interview. Give it time. Let it grow.
    Loved it.

  2. …where there’s freedom to fool…freedom to be corrected…
    I like this. You know, people are sick and tired of doing things religiously.
    Can people just walk in the freedom Christ brought! Only it should not be taken as occasion for evil.

    Be Blessed.

  3. Thanks dear it’s beautiful.
    I think we all want friends who we can bare our souls to and they also do same with no shame or fear of ridicule. Yhh,we all want those friends who don’t milk us dry and give nothing in true

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