I drowned

It was a moment of childish curiosity;

Nature had opened wide its heart to pour out love;

It had rained hours non stop;

Humans had turned gutters and streets into trash shop;

So when it poured, it flooded, loads of brown water everywhere;


It flowed in front of my house in a gutter;

My eyes wide open like a shutter, capturing the scene into memory;

Nearer I drew to the gutter;

Smiling and looking for my reflection in the water;

Moving my little feet above the brownish water;

Trying to make a statement that I was all the way up;

And it was all the way down, caught in between two concrete walls that restricted its spread;


I gloried in my freedom as against its apparent limitations;

Then it struck back;

In went one of my slips;

I run to the other side in an attempt to rescue, then I slipped;

Arms flailing, mouth full of brown water, jeans skirt soaked, white shirt muddy;


Daddy had gone to assess the neighborhood damage;

Little did he know his angel had been kidnapped by nature’s unassuming child;

Manipulated by human misbehavior yet potent in its manipulated state;


She’s been carried by the water, I heard screams and shouts of people around;

Sweet auntie crying, everyone else running;

To the rescue of this child whose curiosity had become a lifetime experience;

About 50m in, I felt a hand grab me and lift me;


He had come to fix the gate, but alas was chosen by fate;

He, my savior, that day became;

Handing me over to daddy who now stood to receive his baby;

He turned me upside down, so the water could be freed and let back into its habitat;

I passed out, now knowing I was safe in daddy’s arms.

All Rights Reserved. Mimi’s Passion © 2018


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