I had just met him….


I had been on a number of dates with this guy
I must confess they were truly life transforming
The passion with which He spoke concerning the things that mattered to him left me longing to meet him again and again
Being with him felt literally out of the world
He was able to get me to relax  such that I forgot about all the other guys chasing me for attention
This guy was the definition of unique,you should meet him
I was indeed blessed to have Him
But then..….

But then things got a little weird between us
I felt reluctant to pick his calls,I even blocked him just to avoid seeing or replying his messages
Cuz I couldn’t keep my finger from typing a reply once I saw a message from him
My heart longed for him but I couldn’t continue with the relationship
I felt I couldn’t commit to the relationship
Mehn, commitment was too much a big deal for me
Moreover I was getting to enjoy being career minded et al
This just couldn’t work
Finally I stopped trying,I stopped reaching out to him
I said my goodbyes,though not to him but I did so in my heart
I thought that was the end until……

Until he began sending so many people my way
To check up on me and find out what’s up with me
He texted my close friends and acquaintances
I couldn’t bear their questions about what had happened to us
So I decided to consent to his request that we have a last date
To clear up any misunderstandings though I knew he’d done nothing wrong to warrant explanation
I so wanted to see him and spend time with him so I went
And here I am on this long awaited date
The date I pushed away so many times
He is helping me view our relationship from a different perspective
He isn’t one to force himself on anyone ,more especially someone he truly loves and cherishes
He just needs me to love him because I choose to..
Let him into my life because of my sole decision and not by impulsion

I agreed,agreed to look at the relationship from his angle,to understand him and love him for who he is and not just how he makes me feel
Its not being easy doing it,but as we progress,he reveals to me better ways to do things
He has made my life worth living again
Devoid of the fear of losing him( since it looks like I don’t know how to hold on for long)
But I am learning,one little step at a time and I’m becoming victorious by and by……
And the day where I’ll love him fully like he does me isn’t far away anymore


When we accept Christ as Lord and personal savior
We enjoy the relationship from the beginning
The outburst and flow of love ,both on His side and on ours
Things seem to be going well until our past sins and failures come knocking on our door
They come to remind us that we’ve received salvation but are still not sanctified
Most of us believe these lies and end up flat on our face cuz we try to work things out on our own and return to God
But it doesn’t work that way,our victory over sin is in Christ
The Christian life is the life that wins and the life that wins is an exchanged life not a changed one.
The life is expressed not suppressed ,its a gift and not a reward.
Accept this victory in Christ and watch your life transform with no efforts of yours
Cuz let’s face it,you can’t be victorious on your own
You’ll fail sourly so much that you’d feel that you don’t even deserve God’s grace or mercies anymore
Just know that His gifts are without repentance and He’s always ready to exchange the life of His son with yours
That’s what amazing grace does…..


*Recommended book : The life that wins by Watchman Nee*
*Thanks to God for the friend who got the book for me and thank you God again for making me read it*

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