Interview 10 Christians and you find that only 3 take their prayer life seriously
What a lot of people are accustomed to hearing is that ‘prayer is for the purpose of keeping our relationship with God going’
But that isn’t just the purpose of prayer
Prayer has far more greater consequences than just affecting your personal relationship with God
When we pray,that is when things change
I’ve come to understand that it isn’t for no reason that the prayer department in my campus ministry keep saying “Prayer is our breath ”
It is indeed  true
Haven’t you wondered why Christ said “men ought to pray and not to faint”
He understood the import of prayer and that accounts for His waking up early to pray before the sun rose


You see,God has given man dominion over the earth as spoken of in  Genesis
Hence it is the physical body that is legal to operate on earth
Spirits are illegal on earth, hence Christ becoming flesh to reign on earth
Now Christ is gone to heaven but His body which is the church is still here
Hence for Him to be legal to change the affairs of men,the church ought to pray and not to faint
Prayer is man giving God license to operate and interfere in planet earth
The reason why that breakthrough is taking so long is because you have refused to pray and choose to complain rather
You can’t invite God to interfere in your affairs and He’ll refuse
He needs your body to be legal
He is restricted until you invite and license Him to interfere


The troubles and pains we see and go through ,which seem not to get better though we ‘ pray’ is because we haven’t understood the purpose of prayer
I now understand why God is always asking us to invite Him into our affairs
I now understand why those who prayed “give me Scotland or I die” made a difference
They understood that they needed God to interfere for things to change
Satan will keep deceiving you until you understand that ” whatever  you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you loose is loose in heaven ”
Prayer can’t be taken lightly ,it is very necessary to see the change you desire
I can testify of the immediate change I’ve seen after grasping this truth
I pray that you also grasp this truth as simply as a child would
Believing that God would fulfil His word cuz He’s bound by it
May God change things in your life even as you commit to prayer with understanding

Always understand that until the purpose of a thing is discovered,abuse is inevitable
Inspired by sermon Purpose of Prayer by Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory….


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  1. “Prayer is Man giving God license to interfere on planet earth”, that is the absolute truth, no 2 ways about it Mimi. Great piece again i would say. Keep it coming God bless

  2. “Prayer is man giving God license to interfere in planet earth”, brilliant piece Mimi. Keep it coming God bless.

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