Identity Crisis — Throw off the Cloak

Three, two, one, action!!!

This is how the lives of most people have become nowadays. People are more interested in staging shows for others to watch. Their own lives and true character have now been hidden behind the facade they put on for others to applause or boo. These actors most often get so engrossed in their act that it escapes them, that characters are usually just that figments of man’s imagination. Irrespective of how real the character may be. Society has caused some to write scripts that suit society’s whims and caprices  instead of who they truly are. We have so many people walking around with masks, makeup and costumes to impress those they come into contact with. From the extra eyelashes to the makeup that covers the puffy eyes, freckles, and pimples; to the heels and corsets; hip pads and what have you. People are willing to go any length just to appear as someone they’re not, just so they can be accepted in “the beloved”–(whatever that means).


But the thing is that the one who really matters: the one you should be seeking to please knows you beyond your cover up. He knows what makes you cry and what makes you laugh. He understands you and longs for you to be who He has made you. Brethren, you can invest all your life, time and money into becoming who God never created you to be. The only result you’ll get from that is constant misery and unfulfillment. It is not for no reason that living a life of purpose is usually equated to a fruitful and fulfilling life. Drop the pretense and discover who you truly are and live a life of freedom. Stop living a life for others and begin to live for God: by being who He called you to be. Don’t shun your purpose  to indulge in a life of “men-pleasing”.


Identity is key to living a truly successful and fulfilling life. The fact that people call you smart, funny, stupid or whatever adjective you can think of, doesn’t mean that’s who you actually are. It behooves you to discover who you truly are, discover your strengths and magnify them and watch most of your weaknesses shrink into oblivion. I have found that you can only stand the pressure from people when you know yourself. The world we live in has become so skewed toward immorality and stark wickedness.There is constant pressure to bend your values just to be accepted as cool amongst friends and loved ones. If you’re unaware of who you are, you can easily be convinced to become another person. Our screens and airwaves are dominated by lies and liars and deception of all kinds is thrown at you every waking moment. Your only true source of reality is in your identity. Discover it and watch most things in your life fall in place.

If you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere becomes your destination. If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

People would always hail or spite you, no matter who you are or what you portray. Most people often respond to others based on how they feel. If you look to people’s compliments to define your identity, you might as well remain lost forever. Fine, sometimes they’d speak the truth, but most times, they’re either speaking out of fear or favor. They’d do anything to get a favor and say just about anything to escape danger. Know yourself, know what you stand for and seek to be a natural person, not an artificial creation. Artificial things usually lack the capacity to grow or reproduce, but nature reproduces and grows always.


Throw off the cloak and move from behind the facade, spread out your wings and enjoy being who God made you.

Mimispassion © 2016

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