Flowing from heart to heart;

A river that brings life ;

Cleansing all life’s strife;

Lighting up lives where sadness was rife;

Throwing all worry to the wind;

Not bothering if it’ll ever come to an end;

Joy brings smiles to life.



The situation sounds bitter;

No hope for things getting better;

Every move seems to falter;

Yet to them who believe, out of their belly shall flow springs of living water;

Water that refreshes every parched land;

Water that brings life to sprouts springing up;

Water that cleanses all pain, leaving in its stead gain;

Joy brings new beginnings.



Whether happy or sad;

Good or bad;

Owing or paid;

Hungry or fed;

Clothed or naked;

Inside is a well that springs forth life;

A well whose waters never run dry;

Dependable in the world of difficulty;

Glimmer of hope in the darkest times;

Joy brings hope and life.



A hearty soul whether in a healthy body or not;

A spirit in tune with the Holiest of Holies;

A song sung from the oil of gladness;

A smile that awakens the dead;

A countenance that gives others hope;

Is the soul that possesses true joy

Joy is Spirit inspired.


Mimispassion © 2016

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