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So as y’all would be aware of by now, I’m a super huge fan of “The Flash”, not that I believe all those wild scientific occurrences and the multiverse and all that. But I love it cause it reflects certain values and beliefs that society has lost over time in the pursuit of wealth and fame. So for those who haven’t read the previous flash related posts, here’s a recap. Read The Flash and Reverse Flash. To all who have supported Mimispassion since it’s inception, I extend my gratitude and I pray Mimispassion leaves enough impact for your generations to come and experience. Special shout outs to Theresa, Dodzi and Paul for encouraging me to post something. This is my gift to y’all. Enjoy your read!!



Barry(The Flash) made a statement to Wally(Kid Flash) that caught my attention. Wally had run off to sort out an issue on his own without consulting Barry and things had gone south. He(Wally) ended up blaming himself for being unable to succeed even after all he’d been taught by Barry(who is sort of his mentor). The response Barry gave is the reason for this post, he said “to empower someone to truly achieve, there’s the need to be his biggest fan and inspiration. There’s the need to always spur on, not just deliver “how-to’s” and leave them to figure it out on their own”. This has been paraphrased by me, but I want you to think on the import of his words, both as a mentor and as a protegé.




How willing as a mentor are you to develop someone who has the potential of stealing your spot, so to say? How comfortable are you with the idea of his name being mentioned when it used to be just yours? Really, how ready are you to share your space with someone who can be more excellent than you are?  Mentorship isn’t a joke, it is a foundation which if laid right, has the potential of affecting generations yet unborn in all the positive ways you could imagine. There are so many confused young people out there, people with raw talent and yet no refinement, people with energy reserves that can’t find the right place to channel it, people who have tasted of their potential and have become drunk and can’t seem to move past that small victory to achieve more. Their initial success has become their biggest hindrance and blockade. Talents, personalities, and leaders are flushed down the toilet every day because those ahead are too busy etching their names in the sands of time. They forget that children are an extension of a parent’s dreams.Our world and youth need parents, teachers, friends, businessmen, government officials etc. that are ready and willing to go the lengths of developing talents and coaching the upcoming generation.




It is true that we young people behave as though we know everything and got everything under control. But the truth is nowhere near that. The only truth is that we enjoy reveling in an applause for one feat for the rest of our lives. We would rather try once, succeed and stay there than to progress, make mistakes and be thought of as inadequate or incapable. One of the topmost skills that any millennial in this ages should have is learnability and teachability. You should be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn all the time. You alone can’t have all the correct answers in the world, moreover, one answer has ceased to befit all problems. Keep an open mind that gives people a chance to teach you, it doesn’t matter if you know what they are teaching you already. Every youth should be open to training and mentoring.  An African proverb goes to prove this point further.

What an old man sees when sitting, a child can’t see when standing.

African Proverb

No matter how brilliant, talented or focused you are as a youth or anybody for that matter, there’s still the need for mentorship of sorts. It could either be physical or virtual. As the bible says, there’s nothing new under the sun. Even though this doesn’t mean you should resign to the way things are because nothing is new, it is also an indication of how important learning from others’ experiences is. A smart person is the one who learns from others mistakes. You don’t have to make the same mistakes the pioneers made to show that you’re experienced. I always say that “experience is the best teacher” doesn’t always apply to everything. You might not get to live to learn from that experience, so fall on the mistakes and victories clocked by others in the endeavor you want to undertake. Understand those things which made them fall and those which set them apart with undisputable results. Don’t be focused on making a name for yourself or carving a niche for yourself and so you refuse to learn from what others have already achieved. There’s a reason why there’s literature review for every project work or research.


You don’t know everything, even Google breaks down sometimes. Suck it up.


It’s important that you never ever write someone off because of their mistakes when teaching them or learning from them. Maybe the only difference between you and them is opportunity, which they had and you lacked. Don’t become the devil’s advocate whose pleasure is only in critiquing. As a mentor or even protegé for that matter, your job description isn’t to prosecute based on past blunders and mistakes. But rather, your job description is to identify the strong forts and fortify them to become stronger. I definitely believe that the world we live in can definitely do with a little more praise and positivity over gloom and negativity. There’s something good hidden in everyone, no matter how evil they seem. Even satan himself upon all his evil nature still has/had an awesome voice. Learn to embrace the uniqueness that comes with each individual and try to make the best out of every situation. Make a lemonade, when life throws you a lemon.


Lastly, don’t give up on yourself or the person you’re reaching out to through mentoring. We all need help, “hand go, hand come”. Make a commitment to commit to all the people you promised to mentor or be mentored by. Stay in constant touch where necessary and learn to always impact someone, no matter how short the period. Make yourself a concerned citizen who is willing to do something to help others grow. Most important of all, stay focused and stay motivated.

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