Lens of inspiration


In the lens of inspiration;
impossibility becomes possibility,
frustration and desperation metamorphose into determination,
the lows turn high and the high goes higher,
zeal drives knowledge to produce perfection.
Sudden rush of adrenaline; life pumped into dead cells,
a whole new perspective.


In the lens of inspiration;
there’s that flicker of light in the dark;
a glimmer of hope; to strive to the top,
the feeble knees strengthened,
the broken heart mended,
faith, hope and love restored,
life breathed into dead cells and motivations.
Ideas knock against each other, tumbling to reach the front and be heard; like sperm racing for the egg.


In the lens of inspiration;
focus is attained, dreams fulfilled,
lives impacted, lies retracted,
hopes restored, ideas manifested.
In the lens of inspiration;
the no becomes yes, “I can’t” turns to “I can”.
In the lens of inspiration; all things are possible to achieve.


Be inspired to reach for greater heights
Mimispasssion © 2016

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