Life is all about …..

Have you ever taken a moment?

To think deep and reflect

On what exactly life is about

What the essence of your life is

When your life would end?


Life has subjective meanings for different people

To some it’s a constant process of living in fear

Others see it as an opportunity to show the world what they can do

Yet others also define it as an avenue to fulfill their purpose

What does life mean to you??


You’re with a friend today

Young and vibrant and full of promise

You wake up tomorrow only to hear of her demise

Memories come flashing back

Pain hits you right in the face

Questions flood your mind

Life to you now seems to be like the wind

Whose presence is felt today and tomorrow is gone

What is life all about??


I was born some years back

I’m all grown and well educated now

Tomorrow I start a new job that pays excellently

My eyes are on this lady/gent, very soon we’ll be married

The kids would come and together we’ll take care of them and grow old together

One day I wake up only to realize I no longer reside in my body

I cry out, I touch my body, try to enter it but to no avail

Alas, it’s all over now

Friends, family and enemies all together in one place mourning me

I am dead and gone

Never to walk this earth again

What at all is this life about??


Eternal life??

Give me a break, I’m still trying to come to terms with this present life

Eternal life is too far-fetched, it beats my sense of reasoning

I mean how can I live forever??

Aren’t I dust after all?

Aren’t I just a flower, here today and gone tomorrow?

No I can’t embrace this, it’s just too deep

What is life all about??


Life is all about Christ, He gives meaning to life

He’s the best life coach and yet He does it for free

The only being your being desires

The only one that fills and satisfies you

Things went wrong, the journey became long

But He came to right the wrong

To restore the meaning to your existence

Give Him a chance today and see the veil fall off your face

Life becomes clearer and things look brighter

Choose Him over that religion, fear, job, pride

Let Christ redefine your life, accept Him today

Make the decision to Live In Faith Everyday

Instead of Living In Fear Everyday

Give meaning and purpose to your existence

Receive Christ today!!!!

He is who LIFE is about!!

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  1. Thoughtful!
    So life isn’t about my pride..
    And not just about my purpose…
    Its all about a Person… Christ Jesus.
    This is deep!

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