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It’s Monday morning, you won the battle between sleep and getting out of bed. You’re dressed up and on your way to work, you wonder why at all you always go through this routine. You get to work, put on the smile and then commit to literally breaking your back the whole day to please people who probably don’t even see your back breaking day by day.

Another Monday is here, then another, then another again. Then the next one, you don’t need to go to the office again, because retirement caught up with you whilst living that routine. And now with your usual routine lost, you’re at a loss as to what do with your life. So you mop around all day and stay indoors trying to catch up with TV and all their useful and useless programs become your lot.

The life of many people, both young and old has become a subconscious routine and cycle that is unending and full of small amounts of joy and fulfilment. Such as last for only a few moments because whilst that little joy came in, they were scared of rustling their well developed and formulated routine. And so end up giving joy and fulfilment only a small window, then returning to their old self and routine.

A legacy isn’t in buildings or programs. Neither is it in chairs donated to the church, office or society after your death. It isn’t even in the type of funeral held for you, or the kind of people who attend your funeral. Your legacy is the life in you, that lives on even though you’re no longer in this world. It is your breath continuing in other bodies whilst you no longer breathe. A legacy worth having is millions of people or one person that carries on your ideas or beliefs, long after you’re gone.

Your legacy is your life. As a leader, your followers follow your life, not necessarily what you tell them. It’s the same way, that monuments or statues or a great funeral don’t determine your legacy. It is good to leave a legacy, but it’s best you live your legacy. Whilst you’re alive, whose life are you influencing? Who is learning of you and from you? How many people are being mentored to carry on your ideas of serving society and giving your best to humanity. If all that remains of you after you exit the world of humans is a plaque, building or fat cash investment account or perhaps several estates, you haven’t given humanity your best.

Living a legacy isn’t something complex, it isn’t rocket science, neither is it neuroscience. It is simply taking each day, giving off your best and inspiring others to give off their best. Myles Munroe of blessed memory always hammered on this “you can’t kill an idea with a gun. The world is ruled by dead men.” Democracy was propounded by a dead man, and even though he’s dead, his idea still lives on. Abolition of the slave trade was also the fight of some select people, and fortunately slave trade has reduced tremendously. Although these people may have statues and plaques mounted in their honor, they left much more solid imprints on men’s heart.

To live your legacy can be as simple as paying particular attention to the children you’re teaching in that school. Taking a personal interest in their growth and development. Opening them up to opportunities that stretch their capacities and mindsets but prepare them for the global stage. Or it could be finding a sense of direction for your own life. For once your own life has direction, you will be motivated to live to your fullest. Your desire wouldn’t be to make so much money, go on vacations regularly and then just exist and eventually exit. You would want more from life and life would definitely give you more.

It could also be supporting your wife to attain greater heights, helping her with everything and allowing yourself to be helped. Which your son can learn and eventually lead the revolution for a new breed of men who aren’t entitled per se, but are committed to making the world a better place than they met it. Perhaps too, it could be training that caregiver in your house to be so excellent at his work, so much that he develops a sense of purpose and confidence which he passes on to his generation.

There’s a contribution you have to make to the world. But you can only make your contribution when you move from darkness(ignorance) to light(knowledge). Without illumination of your current practices and the awareness brought forth by the acquisition of knowledge, you can’t go far. Decide today to start living your legacy. Don’t let death beckon before your loved ones and community try to define or find what you’ve added to them. Make it a journey, which you move a little a day, at a pace you can maintain until you begin to see the positive change you want. Continually motivate yourself each day, remind yourself of why you’re living a life of purpose. Remind yourself of the better world you hope to contribute to.

So that now, you don’t just wake up and go through a mindless routine. You’ll intentionally take each day as an opportunity to do something differently that will make a difference in someone’s or your own life. Stay more aware of your surroundings, extend a helping hand to someone else. Smile at that old lady. In simple terms, live a life you enjoy, whether you have money or not. Wealth isn’t always to be equated to money.

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Take some time off to carefully think about these:

  1.  What do I enjoy doing?
  2. The things you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time?
  3. What am I better at than anyone I know?
  4. In what ways can I utilise the answers above to make myself, the people around me and the world better?
  5. What will I commit to doing today and everyday that will cause the difference I want to see?

Write these down in a hard cover notebook or diary and keep referring to it daily. Continue motivating yourself, the difference will become apparent. I believe in you and I believe the difference you want to make is right inside of you waiting to be birthed. Let’s do this together!!!

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6 Comments on “Live a Legacy”

  1. This was such an enlightening piece. I love how you looked at legacy differently by letting us know it’s not really in the stuff we leave behind but the lives we influence. Most people actually think otherwise and that’s why they hang on to back breaking routines so as to leave enough for their generation to come. This line struck me… “because whilst that little joy came in, they were scared of rustling their well developed and formulated routine”. I’m a strict follower of routines and without them, I’d be lost. But that line kinda made me think of all the small joys I’ve been missing. Your blog is light and I hope to keep getting illuminated. God bless!

    1. Amen. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad I listened to that inner voice and persisted despite the terrible cellular network to write and post this piece. I pray you would be able to lighten up and accept the little joys that trickle in each day. God bless you too.

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