Living in a bubble


All of a sudden it hits me;

It’s like I forgot life was hard;

In my bubble of warmth and faith, everything worked;

But then a little exposure and I’m confused;

Should I be living so well whilst others are in pain and stuff?

Most times I see my prayers answered immediately;

My faith boosted frequently;

The word suddenly takes on this sweet taste that lingers in my heart long after I read it;

In the same vein, I’m suddenly jolted by the harshness in the world;

Am I living on another earth?

Should everything be fine for me when others are having hard times?

Am I a Christian at all, because we’re to endure the suffering of Christ right?

If I’m not suffering, does that mean I’ve lost it?

Could it be that because I believe I am a citizen who has rights in the kingdom,

I’m enjoying those privileges that come with it?

Is my understanding clearing my life of all the inconsistencies?

I want to live the truth;

Will it be in my bubble?

Will it be in this harsh world?

Where does this path of faith lead?

Will it merely coexist with all the knowledge and experience thrown at me by everyone?

Or will it lead me down a new path of dwelling in joy, peace and righteousness?

Oh, that I may clearly discern where this leads.

Whether it’s to growth or stagnation.

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