I am lonely, no one to talk to,

It’s all in your mind, you say,

Help me come out of this I pray,

It’s all in your mind, you say,

But I think I really need help today,

Forget it, like it never existed you say.

So it dragged me against my will,

pushing me into the darkness,

I willed for it to go away,

Not knowing it was here to stay,

No one can save you, it says with a wicked smirk,

Now I know I’m doomed.

I just couldn’t bear it no more,

My mind was no gold ore,

The supposed treasure to help me overcome,

I stopped fighting, let myself go,

It changed me, conforming my once beautiful soul,

transforming it into something dark and ugly I couldn’t recognise,

I was a bitter and traumatized being now,

Nervous without need, jumpy at everyone,

Unwilling to trust for fear of being further thrust deeper.

I thought it’d all be over now,

 I thought that’s why they say “I ended it”

They lied, they should have told me the suffering here was worse,

They should have mentioned I’ll be lonelier here,

They should have told me there’d be no way to see my friends,

Friends I thought had deserted me, until I got here,

This abyss of darkness and sorrow,

Don’t be like me, deal with loneliness before it gets the best part of you


Mimispassion © 2016

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