Man,know thyself

Considering the recent trend of events both in this country and the world at large
I begin thinking how I could survive all this and still be me
Casting my mind back to the days of the Israelites: the 12 spies
Would my report be negative or positive
Clearly considering the story, it took Joshua and Caleb an understanding of who they were to make such conclusions
Meaning that your identity will make you stand out and see things differently from what others will see
Knowing that you’re a King, you won’t fear any kingdom procedures cuz you’re aware of your authority even in a foreign land

For me and you as Christians,our identity is buried in Christ
It is in Him that we live,move and have our being
It is in Him that the authority we possess is made whole
Aside Christ,we can function but only in the wrong sense of the word
Just like the 10 spies who forgot their identity the moment the saw ‘giants’
When you come face to face with difficult situations, do you remember who you are??
Do you know what it means to be who you are?
Do you know your role as the person you are?
In the face of trials,its the knowing that you’re for Christ that keeps you going
In the face of glee and success,its your identity that’ll prevent you from behaving aside who you are


Identity can’t be taken lightly : its not just about ‘ID’ cards
Cards and tags given by people have a way of subtly rubbing off your identity if you’re not careful
The tendency to respond to and live a lie bestowed upon you by a card or tag is very high
An eagle will always be strong once it accepts its an eagle
However if that eagle is made to believe its a  hen, then that’s how it’ll live
In our world now,there are so many things seeking our attention but most of these are just there to distract us
My identity is declared holy and righteous
My identity goes with a natural feature of LOVE
My identity is to reach out and help the people around
My identity is deeply engraved in Christ,my lord and personal savior
My identity is to be seen as who I truly am,a child of God and heirs with Christ


Don’t allow anything to stand the way of who you are
Dig deep and discover who you are
Discover the greatness that comes with being who you truly are
It’ll take a lot of sacrifice to be who you are in all circumstances
Circumstances and people would try to define to you your identity
Yet you identity remains constant beyond what people and circumstances say
I choose to discover who I am and become the true me against all odds
I hope you decide to make that choice as well

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  1. well spoken Mimi, your identity should be so secured such that when someone walks away from u, they don’t take u with them. great quote and a lesson learnt

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