Everybody grew up in a certain environment, much as we wish it wouldn’t, our environment affects the way we reason about certain things. But the truth is, irrespective of the environment, what makes a man who he is, is his thinking. The good book says, as a man thinketh in is heart so is he. Whatever you are and however you behave is as a result of your thinking. I have come to realise that, sometimes we think of ourselves as being people we’re not. Society’s way of doing things gets steeped into our minds and we choose to be like the “normal” man or woman as society defines it. The realisation dawned on me that, some of the things I wished myself to be by thinking, isn’t who I really am. I wasn’t the “got my shit together”, bold, confident, committed and persistent person I thought I was. I had been living in fool’s paradise and missed out on opportunities to actually work on myself to become who I thought I was. 

I wish I was the only person who was like this, unfortunately I’m not. I’ve seen first hand, friends and relatives refuse advice and miss out on opportunities because they thought they were “this kind of person”. So deep was the misconception rooted go that, they refused to be associated with certain people or jobs. Because in their minds, they were a certain kind of person. I’m not against dreaming big, but dreaming without an action plan to achieve it, remains just that: a dream. It can turn your world upside down when you discover by a fortunate stroke of fate that you aren’t who you thought you were. The realisation could lead you down two paths: absolute denial or acceptance to work it out. The first choice leaves you living in a shadow whilst the second allows you to actually become that person.

These kinds of things aren’t easy to spot, they may be deeply engrained and until you decide to actually audit your thinking against your actions, you may never find out. It’s very necessary to stay in touch with reality and stay away from the surreal realm as much as you can. Your life could be full of your own lies which you’ve believed to be so true, others believe it too.

So are you living in your head: busily being what you think you are or you’re living in the real world, where you’re aware of who you truly are because your actions match your thoughts and words?

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