There is a reason why you do what you do

As well as there is a reason for you not doing the things you don’t do

Motives are a part of everyday life

Though there are those unconscious decisions we make,there still remains a motive in the subconscious

What are your motives for your actions ???

Did you help that little girl cross the road because you noticed your ‘crush’ watching and wanted to impress??

Did you help that gorgeous lady with her luggage just so you could take her number afterwards ??

As a young mum,did you spank your little boy in front of your friends just so you could gain the title ‘disciplined’ ??

And you newly wedded,are you in because you love him/her and is willing to build a life together or you’re in just for the properties and cash ??

Your actions don’t define you as much as your motives do……

Is your punctuality to church meetings, group meetings , rehearsals for the right reasons ?

Honorable ‘miss I wear long dresses’,is it for the ‘most pious’ tag among your friends ?

Oh and ‘Mr director of that NGO’ is it to get cheap money to spend on yourself ?

And ‘almighty student politician’ ,do you have the welfare of students at heart or you just want an enriched CV ?

Powerful ‘Miss/Mr/Mrs lecturer/teacher’ are you there to pay back  by inflicting your students with the pain you went through or you genuinely love to impart knowledge to people ?


In church you serve as a musician,poet,dancer,instrumentalist,usher,technical member,transport officer etc.

Do you serve because of people or because you understand what it means to serve in Gods vineyard

Or probably you serve to prove to people that you also got that skill

Irrespective of what you do or how you do it,the most important thing is the ‘why you do it’

When you do things with the right motives,you get the blessings that accompany the action

A footballer on the field who plays because he loves what he does plays differently from one who plays just for the applause

The former would remain focused even if the applause doesn’t come but the latter can get disoriented when there’s no applause

As Christians,as students,as people with a passion to change the world

As one who wants to leave a mark everywhere you go

Learn to refine the motives fueling your actions

Because when all else seems to fail or  collapse, it’s ultimately your motive that keeps you going and on course

The mere fact that you want to see orphaned children well placed would keep you going even if some of the children are hostile

MOTIVE is the driving force for every action

Make sure your motive is the right one

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  1. if ur motives are always right, u do things knowing that it’s from a free mind. Great lesson I’ve taken there #keepitcoming

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